Our Visit to Phuket, Thailand

Today, Barbara bounced outa bed at the crack of 7 AM (ya right), for those who don’t know Barbara, she is not a “bounce outa bed-er” unless it is to take care of “tummy turbulence”!

Today that (TT) was gone and she was ready to take on the tour and shopping world – it was great to have her back.

Our arrival and docking took quite a while as the powers that be (portside or shipside) decided that we would sail a considerable distance to our berth – stern first.

Since I only went ashore to visit the dockside craft shops, with Barbara, these are the only images I have to share.

Good Morning, Phuket as our fist tugs line tethers to our bow.

Monkey fist and handling line retrieved, note the lack of life vests on the deck crew – different strokes in different countries.

Pulling the tugs line across ….

Line made fast – now the bow and stern tugs would apply the necessary pull to steady us against the wing trying to push the Maasdam ashore too soon. Notice how the line is stabilized on the bollards on the bow to take the strain off the wench. I just love to see tugs at work!

Not the prettiest facility, however it is a cargo terminal.

Look at that smile, Barbara is home with her days work – successful shopping!! The white shirt on the hanger, was her purchase for me 6 years ago when we were here on the ms Rotterdam. (That is a fresh coconut in her right hand, cool and refreshing.)

Next: Three glorious days at on our way west – yikes, more time zone changes!

2 thoughts on “Our Visit to Phuket, Thailand

  1. Beautiful sunrise. Wish I’d gone with Barbara. Shopping would have been fun. All I know about Thailand is our own Sabii Thai Restaurant here at home. Delicious food. Enjoy your sailing Jack. Seems like you love it !

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