Our Visit to Singapore

Today marked the third time we have visited the lovely super organized city.

Our arrival was filled with bittersweet feelings as we were bidding farewell to some wonderful people we sailed since boarding in Sydney on the 21st of December. Likewise we bid a sad Adieu to some crew members that had served us in the Lido.

We had decided that as soon as most folks had disembarked for the last time, we would make our way through customs and navigate our way through the grand mall attached to the terminal and purchase our tickets to ride the SMRT for the next two days.

The SMRT is the massive subway system that serves this sprawling metropolitan city. How massive you say? We had decided to go to the “Gardens By The Bay”, which we discovered took one hour each way, since we boarded at the HarborFront station and rode to the last stop. We had purchased a 2-day transit pass, which would give us unlimited access to above and below ground transit systems.

This massive “Gardens by the Bay” would take two or three days just to explore, unfortunately we only had a couple of hours before returning to the ship for dinner. Here are some pictures of some of what we saw:

This view of the “resort in the Sky” greeted us as we exited the subway – Barbara calls it “The Ironing board”. So exclusive they charge just to take the elevator to the resort at the top! We passed on the opportunity.

The massive metal “trees” will eventually be covered with plants as they reach for the sky.

A closer look!

IT’s amazing that all this beauty has been put together with the “minds of mankind” with gifts from God.

Palm Tree bounty!

Banana leaves provide a backdrop to flowers that garland a bridge railing.

Although the flowers had just about peaked, I found this beauty.

These beauties dangled from the trees like strings of pearls.

This bunch of blossoms on this glorious tree were the only ones close enough to allow me take this closeup.

These were as delicate as a baby’s breath ….

…. while these two shouted from their hiding place along the foot bridge.

Too soon, we had to retreat from this island of peace and take this long walk back to the subway. These huge “tunnel” walls were lined with alternating panels of flowers and glass, simply incredible, but not to surprising as after all you are in SINGAPORE.

Not to surprising was this scene of local citizens on their devices. I also had excellent cell service throughout our ride, even making a call to our son Chris, concerning a situation at our home. (A dead freezer)

As we exited the subway station, it soon became apparent that we had made a wrong turn, as nothing seemed familiar from our walk through that morning. We were completely and utterly LOST! Fortunately and by chance two of the crew from the security department on the ship, turned our plight into opportunity. You see, since I could not go out on our 2nd day, Barbara, through chance again, was able to share our two day pass with the same two crew members, who had saved our hides the day before!

During dinner on the ship, my stomach just did not feel right. Later that evening the feeling was manifested as a gastrointestinal infection and I spent the next 24 hours in self-imposed quarantine, as required by the Medical Office and the CDC.

So here I sit, on the ship, while Barbara explores Malacca, Mtaylasia.

Next: Penang, Mtaylasia

5 thoughts on “Our Visit to Singapore

  1. Singapore is so beautiful and clean. Love your photos of the garden.
    Hope you are feeling better. Drink plenty of fluids.

  2. Sorry about the “bug” & freezer! My mom loved Singapore when she had the opportunity to go visit her brother Ross (Kelly), when he lived there. Hope you’re feeling better. Love ya!

  3. Singapore (and Hong Kong), in my humble opinion, never cease to amaze! I’ve been to both cities countless times over the decades….and each return is almost like going for the first time! You certainly managed to capture that feeling, Jack!

    Get well, Shipmate!

  4. Absolutely fabulous. Love the gardens. And the tree sculptures are something else, even without their eventual flower cover. Hope you are feeling better by now Jack. And is there anything we can do for the freezer problem?
    Thanks for the pics.

  5. Loved reading your account of Singapore. The “ironing board” was there when we visited (with travelwithalan.com) several years ago, but the trees were not. We visited Raffles for our obligatory $35 Singapore Sling, which probably costs $50 by now. Hope you’re feeling better, Jack. Love reading your journal.

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