Thoughts on our 35th day at Sea


The above photo ands the one when we left Sydney were both taken ands produced by the ships photographers. We purchased a photo package which provided us with a digital, and printed copy of every photo taken of us during the 56 day  cruise.   We also obtained the rights to use these photos.

Thanks to modern day technology we have been able to keep up with our friends from home and around the world.

A dear friend from our church, Mo Hartman, will, on occasion share something on Facebook, that causes your to stop for a minute and “think about it”. She recently shared a quote from someone I had never heard of, but this person must have been a “floater” and has had to listen to a lot of dining room stories that inspired him to write the following:

Some of the best …. and worst people, are those you meet cruising …. some you would gladly cruise with again and again and then there are those, with whom you hope to never see again. Thankfully over the past 35 days there have been few that fit into the later category.

If I could afford to live on a cruise ship, I would want it to be with the Captain and Crew of the MS Maasdam!! They “have it right”.

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One thought on “Thoughts on our 35th day at Sea

  1. Great quote! LJ, almost every night below zero as much as -27. Our senior year, Clarence Torry would have the buses warming up and they would be nice a warm and cozy as we would man the “buses” for our daily routes…. Yep, we have it pretty rough; you on a slow boat to China and me surviving in LV…..:>)

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