Our Day in semarang, Java, Indonesia

Today we booked a tour entitled “Semarang Sights”, that would give a taste of Semarang, Java. We had last visited this coastal city of Central Java in 2007, where we booked a wild (police escorted) three hour bus ride to the ancient temple of Borobudur.

After our early morning arrival, a troop of drummers and dancers provided a traditional welcoming ceremony.

The first stop on our Semarang Sights, was at the Sam Po Kong Chinese Temple. I entitled this visit as the Flowers, Statues, and People tour.

We sometime make fun of the younger generation for spending so much time of their smart devices – adult Asians are no different.

Mr Turtle sporting a plant.

Magnificent Bas Relief was set into an entire wall.

Brooms so easy to repair/replace await a calloused hand, while leaning on a ceramic wall.

Our next stop was for refreshments at Jolo Hill, a traditional style hill resort set in a tropical garden

Here a farmer demonstrates how rice fields were plowed using water buffalos for power.

Flowering plants were arranged in such a manner that I had to hunt for these species while navigating the rocky pathways in the garden.

Moss had completely covered this garden statue.

…. and placed a garland on its forehead.

There was so much to see, I almost passed this beauty by as I strolled the path.

…. and I almost walked into this low hanging bunch of Rambutan fruit. (Also known as Fuzzy Fruit and Leeche nuts)

Finally I spotted this dash of color that gave the appearance of a flower, but as I watched, it flew away, and returned to alight on the same tiny branch …. can you see the Dragon Fly?

In my past posts, I may have spoken kind words concerning the skipper of the Maasdam. Yesterday I saw further proof of how her respects his guests and his crew. I can not recall ever witnessing the event pictured below ….

…. as the last guests were boarding, completing their final visit to this country of beautiful people, senior staff were gathered at the gangway to welcome them home. I had just missed including their leader in the image. It was a treasured moment for me.

Yesterday was also family and friends day for our crew, and getting to meet our room stewards “home support” family was also a heartbreaker, as they will not see each other till their contract ends and they fly home, months in the future.

Next: A day at sea as we sail for Singapore, and bid our good byes to good folks that have been a part of our lives all these days since Sydney. One of the bitter sweet joys of cruising.

2 thoughts on “Our Day in semarang, Java, Indonesia

  1. Wow Dad, what a beautiful temple. I love this type of architecture. Again, the flowers you find are so amazing! Each time I look at a flower you photograph I think it will be my favorite until I see the next one. I was looking at those brooms. I was wondering if the brooms might be made from coconut trees? What a sad day to say goodbye to folks, but it’s also a gift to meet new special people.

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