Our Day in Bali, Indonesia

On our next Port of Call; Bali, Indonesia, Barbara has arranged for us to take a private shore excursion with a gentleman from Cruise Critic, who spearheaded Barbara’s adventure to see the Dragons on Komodo Island. This time I will accompany.

I’ll list some of the stops here, hopefully with pictures:

Beji Temple, built in the 15th century and dedicated to the gods of irrigation and rice. This was our first stop, and because we were going to be entering the temple grounds, we were required to cover our bear legs with a sarong that the company provided.

While we were there a mother with two young children were making their sacrifice (the boy is not pictured)

Isn’t the daughter precious. Mom is preparing incense to place along with her rice offerings.

This plant was trying to grab a foothold in the ancient wall.

After what seems like hours of playing “interweave-chicken” with busses, trucks, mopeds, and scooters, we arrived at the “GitGit waterfall”.

After a half a mile of wet uneven steps, past endless vendors (of beautiful craft, I managed to make it to the end, with one of our beautiful Indonesian guides holding this old mans hand to make sure he made it …. funny thing thou, I had to make it back by myself!

During our drive this day and on our descent and ascent, family temples abounded.

Everywhere, thanks were growing as though if you stick a seed or plant in the ground it will spread and multiply because of the fertile soil, abundant rainfall and warm temperatures.

A section of the cement steps – some without hand rails.

After gorging ourselves at a wonderful Indonesian Buffet Lunch, we had time to take in the beauty of the restaurant grounds.

Ubuntu’s Danu Temple was just across the street, but because of the maddening traffic, our guides decided it was after to drive us there. Barbara and I posed with an iconic temple tower as a backdrop …. incidentally the same temple is pictured on the Indonesian 50,000 Rupiah currency.

The temple sits on the shore of a beautiful lake with this island just offshore.

After leaving the temple, and no time for shopping, at the conviently place shops at the exit, we journed over more winding roads, played chicken with dogs and motorcycles, and stopped to view terraced rice paddies.

By now I was getting a little long in the tooth, so for the next couple of stops I stayed on our bus.

All aboard today was 5:30 PM and we arrived around a quarter to five. No time to shop at the meter offerings at the pier, as we had quite a trek back to the ship after departing the bus at our “drop zone”.

Farewell you beautiful place, with beautiful people

Next: Tomorrow a city tour of Probolongo, Java

4 thoughts on “Our Day in Bali, Indonesia

  1. Love the Bali photos. Everything is so green and lush. Nice photo of you and Barbara at the temple. Waterfall was beautiful. I would have NEVER made it up those stairs.

  2. WOW and wow ! Fabulous fotos. Definitely a gardeners paradise. Gorgeous colors everywhere. Beautiful people, especially the precious little girl. Adorable. Of all your pictures my favorite is of you and Barbara at Ubuntu’s Danu Temple. And that place is unbelievable in beauty. How much better than to actually be there like you and Barbara have done. Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. I could never have made it. Glad you survived to write such a good review. I wondered you had the strength to remember it and cover it with such a goodly amount of beautiful pictures. Thanks are hardly enough. Next time put on some sturdy walking shoes. My feet hurt just looking at your sandals. Take care as I want you to keep up the good coverage of things I could only imagine. Again, thank you and Barbara for keeping you going to sharing some of her adventures. Gwen

  4. WOW WOW WOW!!! I must go there. This is my favorite post yet. I have been inside a Buddhist temple and was wearing a short sleeved top. I also had to cover my arms. I love the smell of incense and the peace these type of environments provide. It’s very special indeed. Everything is so beautiful. Every picture and every description is perfect.

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