Our Day on sailing the Timor Sea

Our day was so relaxing, with not much to do so I decided to give you a glimpse of what “smooth sailing looks like.

You may notice on the screen above that our “apparent Wind is just a few knots higher that our “SOA” (speed of advance), so the wind crossing our bow was gentle and very warm.

I have dubbed this “Dueling Thunderheads” and it looks like we will split a channel between them. I would put my money on the one to starboard.

Nothing to see here folks, but a very calm sea.

Another painting by the ship using the water for a canvas.

Darwin and Australia are on the distant horizon, what nice scene with which to hail our final farewell.

Tomorrow we will arrive at the anchorage for Dili, around 8 AM, and according to the Captain the officials work on “South Sea Time”. (My interpretation)

3 thoughts on “Our Day on sailing the Timor Sea

  1. Leaving tracks in the sea. Pictures would be great on the PC desktop. Maybe you could forward a couple of these to me after you get home. What a pleasant day.
    Thanks Jack.

  2. Oh, Jack! That gorgeous, calm, sultry sea! Thank you for vicariously transporting me there for one heck of great daydream!

    (With you permission, may I use the “dueling thunderheads” photo in my blog?)

    All the best, Shipmate!

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