Our Day in Darwin, Northwest Territory, Australia

On the 14th of January 2019, we will once again dock at the port of Darwin, Northern Territory., completing our circumnavigation of this beautiful country. In 2007, our first visit was on aboard the MS Amsterdam. I know of at least three followers of this blog, who shared part of the 64 day cruise that made this possible; Susan, and Sue, sailed with us from Seattle to San Diego and Nick, from Seattle to Singapore. We were a part of a group of 40 members of a Cruise Critic Roll Call, who during that cruise, became one big, supporting family – such great memories.


Sunrise over Darwin as seen from the Crows Nest.

Today we opted to take the Hop-on-Hop-off “Big”bus for a ride around Darwin and just see the sights, stoping at a major attraction on the 90 minute route; “The Museum and Art Gallery of NT”.

I took away three things from our narrated tour and the stop at the museum;

The city suffered extreme devastation from Japanese bombing during World War II.

And in 1974, the city was again terrified, by cyclone Tracey as destruction from the 220 KPH (137 MPH) winds was widespread, and, lastly;

The aboriginals art is coming into its own as a serious form of national pride as depicted with the following displays from the museum:

This panel covers and entire wall.

The two panels above are illustrations of aboriginal paintings, as they would use any type of surface available.

While Barbara absorbed the beautiful displays in this “world class” museum, I “absorbed” a pulled pork slaw Berger, fries and a no-sugar coke. Notice how the serve ketchup.

As we returned to the ship, the afternoon storm clouds were forming over the bay, and shortly after our return “home” our ship received a fresh water wash down accompanied by a sound and light show.

That’s it for now, sorry I do not have more photos to share, I just wanted to enjoy our final day in Australia – from the top deck of a “London” bus, and not concentrate on anything else.

Next: A day at sea, as we sail to Dili, East Timor

3 thoughts on “Our Day in Darwin, Northwest Territory, Australia

  1. It’s been a great voyage. Can’t tell you how much I enjoyed your blog and especially the photos.
    Helps relive that wonderful 64 day adventure. One of the best voyages and certainly the longest trip we took. Jack, you and Barbara made that a special voyage for all of us. We were a family during that cruise, sharing our thoughts, hopes, and new vistas. Thank you again.
    Tell Nick and Susan hello from me. And if you get tired of the rain in Washington come and see me in Tucson.

  2. Thank you Jack. Your photos and blog spiked my interest to see and know more about the places you’ve been. Australia is a land I will never visit except in pictures. And, of course, I could not feel the sweating heat every day. I’ll take your word for that. Happy to be here in Washington with our own cooler climate, with the rain and more sun than outsiders realize. Looking forward to your next stop on your long voyage.

  3. Love the Crows Nest! The art work is beautiful and the fries look temptingly good! Glad you’re having such a great time Dad!

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