Our HOT, Sticky Day at Kuri Bay, WA

Kuri Bay is a remote coastal bay in the far north of Western Australia in the Kimberly region (To read more, click on the link)

Today our “home at sea” anchored at this remote location, and will permit only a privileged few (with the $$) to go ashore, as only those passengers who have booked a group or ships tour will be permitted ashore. (I got talked into this by my ‘travel researcher’!

A few folks got their noses ‘bent’ when they read the following from the daily program;

“Today we will be using tenders to take guests ashore. However, we will not be distributing tender tickets. All guests on a tour, and therefore all guests permitted to will …. ” WOW

That’s a grimace, not a grin! Because one of our table mates is not happy, since this was not revealed until just a few days ago.

Our transportation ashore today for our walking tour.

While the zodiac drivers were forming up to board their “adventure passengers” ….

…. This guy/gal lazily swam by, waving it’s long tail fin, as if to say “welcome”, the drivers were oblivious!! It seemed harmless, of course I could say that because I was on deck 6 observing the “evolution’ with the Zodiacs’. After we were shore, I asked our guide to identify the shark and he identified it as a “Lazing or Lemon Shark“.

After a long ride in the tender and an even longer wait on the ship, we arrived at the privae jetty of the company that owns the island. Our delay in departing the ship was due to a low tide.

Our beautiful young ship’s photographer was waiting to shoot our “Port”picture.

Our guides, who are employees who work on the pearl farm, gave a very detailed and informative talks as they shepherded these geriatric hikers up the lose stoned path.

As we moved from shade to shade, I captured this lovely lady standing along the side the trail with her drink in one hand and her walking stick in the other! Actually the drink is water provided by the guides.

I’ll close with a tree that seemed to be a survivor of Kuri Bay as the area is hit quite often with cyclones during the “wet” season, where trees with lessor girth are uprooted and become missles.

Now that’s a BOAB TREE!! They resemble barrels with limbs stuck in at random.

Next: A day at sea and our final visit to this wonderful country; Darwin, Northern Territory

4 thoughts on “Our HOT, Sticky Day at Kuri Bay, WA

  1. Not much to see on the little island, rather barren and isolated. Loved the photo of lemon shark, WOW he was good sizes. Barbara looks just as charming as ever as do you Jack. Continue your happy travels. I’m sure enjoying my armchairs travels with you.

  2. Great blog and photos! Glad you make the effort to disembark. Looking forward to your version of Darwin. We found it to be the hottest place we’ve ever been. Keep that water container full.

  3. What a desolate place ! For Barbara to be wearing a wet neck towel, hot! But, oh my, she does look like the single flower growing on that stony island. Beautiful. Love your pictures. Now that big beauty in the water – I had to look up the stats on that one. Your Zodiac drivers were not concerned because the Lemon Sharks are gentle and non-aggressive. These are the sharks most seen with divers in photographs. But they do grow to 11 feet long, big. And thank you for taking the pic of the Boab tree. It definitely looks like it takes a beating from nature. And by the size of its trunk, very determined to stay right where its at. Fabulous.

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