Our Visit to Broome, Western Australia

Today our beautiful Maasdam docked in the Port of Broome, Western Australia at 1 AM, due to serve tidal swings.

Tide’s IN

Tilde’s OUT – Notice the rocks and beaches exposed!

And the “uphill climb to re-board – the gangway was level when we disembarked this morning!

The temperature was in the 90’s all day, with the humidity in the same numbers – more sweating!

Broome is a coastal town that’s considered the southern gateway to Western Australias Kimberly region, located about 2,200 kilometers (1376 miles) north of Perth. It rose to fame during Australia’s pearl-diving boom in the late 1800’s, and pearls continue to be a main draw for cruise passengers today.

However, what makes Broome so unique is that it gives visitors a taste of the Outback because of it’s red dirt and hot climate.

Today, Barbara and I will go separate ways; Barbara, on a cultural excursion to discover more about the Aboriginals. Jack, a shuttle into town for a “walk about”, and hopefully some interesting photographs.

I took the free shuttle to the visitors center some twenty minutes away , boarded the HOHO bus and captured that city with these images.

Hopped off for a Pearl Ale at Matso’s Brewery and Pub,

Whizzed by a park with a Boab Tree,

Beautiful flowering bushes and trees, as this is the “wet” season, although it did not seem to wet.

Was “flung” around countless traffic circles as there are no traffic lights in Broome. Each traffic circle was paved with red bricks (to match the red soil) and each was beautifully landscaped with indigenous flora.

All streets are bordered with wide sidewalks on each side, for walkers and bicycle riders.

Before boarding the shuttle back to our ship I treated myself to a $14 AUD lunch of Chicken kabobs, chips swimming in brown gravy, and a “no-sugar” coke.`

I have been meaning to add a bit of trivia about those massive bumpers on pickups, cars and trucks here in Australia, they are referred to as ‘Roo-bars’, as they keep collision damage with errant ‘Roos’ to a minimum!

I’ll close with — Just another beautiful sunrise at sea – ho hum!

Next: Another hot and humid day at sea as we sail toward our Next to the last Australian port – Kuri Bay, Northern Territory.

3 thoughts on “Our Visit to Broome, Western Australia

  1. Beautiful photos. And cherish that sunrise. Any Crocodile Dundee-type characters or even crocodiles? That country sure is hot and dry. So colorful.

  2. Your photos and descriptions make the reader feel as if they are right there too; perfect for we armchair ride alongs. We remember the heat of northern Australia, so hot we thought we’d cook, such a contrast to this current, cool, damp Pacific NW winter. Thanks again for your frequent gifts of prose and pictures and the ongoing opportunity for our virtual get aways.

  3. Neat post. I can’t believe how much the tide went out. WOW! You had quite a hike up the ramp. I really appreciate the architecture and how they incorporate the landscaping to the natural beauty of the area. This time, your last picture was my favorite on the ship early in the morning. It just exudes tranquility. So glad that you get to experience that environment on this cruise. Love, Lisa

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