Our Day in Friendly Geraldton, WA

Geraldton, this sun soaked coastal city in the Mid West region of Western Australia has roots that extend back 40,000 years through the Wajarri People. (Link courtesy of Wikipedia)

Once again, as in the last few coastal ports, the local townsfolks used the facilities of the industrial shipping port, so that their cruising guests could maximize their time here.

As we were having breakfast one of the “grain trains” arrived to offload three trailer loads of farming product. (Possibly Grain)

Not quite visible in this photo is the red dust on the wheels and trailer sides, evidence of a long drive from the farming country.

The port also offered a free shuttle bus out of the port to a mobile visitor center, where we were greeted by the “mob” of citizen volunteers to ease our visit.

Nearby was also a Ho-Ho bus that the city makes available to cruise ship visitors for $5 AUS. And at each stop the bus makes there were another group of Geraldton Volunteer Tour Guides Assoc, like Trevor here at the HMAS Sydney II Memorial.

Photo credits to Trevor Ralph, who just happened to be our “Guide”

This memorial was constructed in honour of the 649 sailors that were lost on the 19th November 1941 when their ship and the German Raider HSK Kormoran engaged in a battle with both ships being lost.

Our guide Trevor gave a most stirring narration. At a time I had to hold back my tears, as he detailed the loss to the sailors and their families. Incredible was his relating the story of this statue, of a loved one looking out to the very geographical location where her loved one lies entombed.

On March 16th March 2008 the wreck of the Sydney II was located 120 miles west of Shark Bay, Western Australia in 8,097 feet of water.

The dome of the memorial, pictured here at night, is made up of 645 seagulls all ascending to the heavens with each gulls wingtips touching another to symbolize the dependence of men who sail the sea.

There is another story of the sea connected to this coastal area of Western Australia. But that’s for another time. I was so moved by this experience it needs to stand alone.

Gone But Never Forgotten

Next: The Wreck if the Batavia

4 thoughts on “Our Day in Friendly Geraldton, WA

  1. Wow. Your closing remarks mimic those in Corrections when one of ours is lost in the line of duty. Very moving. I love the statue of the woman looking for her loved one. It’s a very real reminder of the sacrifices these families have made. Thanks for a superior post. Love you! Lisa

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