Our day in Fremantle, Western Australia

Making “the” connection.

The City is named after Captain Charles Fremantle, the English naval officer who established a camp at the site on the 2nd of May 1829. The city contains well-preserved 19th century buildings and other heritage features. (From Wikipedia)

An example of one of these buildings is the entrance to the Marketplace seen here.

Because we had to disembark the ship before noon we decided to visit the Maritime Museum, about a twenty minute walk away. The temperature by this time was in the 80’s so we strolled from shade to shade to escape the heat.

In 1983 the America’s cup was won by a Yacht from the Royal Yacht Club located in Perth, and the yacht is now enshrined at the Maritime Museum. Besides having a top notch crew, the hull had a newly designed winged keel which the team kept hidden until it was finally revealed after the race. The keel is pictured here:

A model of the ship it beat, The Liberty, is pictured in the display case along side the Australia II.

Barbara discovered something unique in her boundless research about the Port of Fremantle, and that were the two FREE shuttle bus routes; the Red C.A.T. And the Blue C.A.T. Very modern city type buses that come by every 5 and 10 minutes. They were a Godsend to our tired and hot souls.

We boarded the Red ‘CAT’ at the museum, transferred to the Blue ‘CAT’ for transport to the “Sail & Anchor” pub for fish and chips and beer and wine.What a neat experience – a little faster paced than I like but great, none-the-less.

Speaking of grand architecture I don’t know what this pub was in it’s previous life, possibly a hotel …. look at this grand staircase and the craftsmanship;

Isn’t that grand? This just around the corner from the great room where we had lunch.

Our return to the ship and the Face to Passport inspection went quite well, except for me taking a wrong turn in the terminal and trying to use my “in-transit” pass to board the cruise ship Astor, which was docked at the same wharf!!!.

Tomorrow is another day and another port.

Next: Geraldton, Western Australia

3 thoughts on “Our day in Fremantle, Western Australia

  1. Wow Jack, you actually went into the Maritime Museum ! This is the one that resembles a ship with sails. Beautiful place inside and out. Your lunch pub – another great stop-over. Was the food good? All that carved wood on the staircase. Also on the massive bar. You peeked my interest to explore further with your Fremantle day. Did a little on-line. You could not have gotten me to walk past those Markets. Oh the shopping I’d have done. Looking forward to your next stop at Geraldton.

  2. Must have been the fish and chips that got you headed up the Astor “ladder” Dad, smile. Hope you have more pictures of the maritime museum. That had to have been a great visit!

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