Matilda and Speedy

I have wanting to write and share a couple of pictures about the Australian Port workhorses – decided to call them Matilda and Speedy.

They stand read to assist our arrivals and departures and yesterday I was just in the right placed to capture these two photos.

As we were departing Albany yesterday, a heavy “breeze” was beating against our starboard beam, and the Captain requested the assistance of a tug to “pull” us away from the pier. I can’t explain what went through my mind as I snapped this scene, but the Australian Bush melody wandered through my mind as the tug seemed to be waltzing with us as the ship gained headway;

Thus “Waltzing Matilda”, notice her wake as she dances sideways, tethered to our ship

The next workhorse I dubbed speedy, because she is definitely built for speed. As our speed increased I had returned to our stateroom and what do I hear – the throbbing engines of “Speedy” just below our picture window. There she was enjoying the waters of the lee side of our vessel, waiting to pickup the port pilot.

Now you have to agree, speedy is the epitome of speed – what a job, piloting that speedboat to work. Can you see how her bow, at the waterline is configured to cut through the breakers?

Just some thought for now …. just trying to make one of my followers jealous – right Nick? (Nick is a retired US Navy “ship-driver”)

Now its on to the Port of Bunbury, Western Australia

2 thoughts on “Matilda and Speedy

  1. Hi Dad,
    Why did the little tugboat do what all of the other tugboats told him to do?
    Pier pressure…lol

  2. I’m so green with envy, Jack, that folks are beginning to think I’m a potted plant!

    Loving every store from this awesome voyage! Continue to enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, Shipmate!

    Nick (temporarily, a landlubber)

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