A day in Port Lincoln, South Australia – another port – another tour.

It was another great day, weather wise as we docked towards the outer length of the grain loading terminal at Port Lincoln, South Australia .

According to our tour guide, Robyn, all operation at the terminal had been halted for the time that our ship was in port. Our tour was entitled “Port Lincoln Sights” which would afford us a scenic tour of Port Lincoln for the next one and a half hours.

Port Lincoln is the Seafood Capital of Australia, thus our first stop was at the marina complex, where for the none-to-faint-at heart, there was opportunity to “bask” with the great white sharks, in the safety of a metal cage.

As we strolled the waterfront men and equipment were transferring huge bags of fish food pellets to a waiting boat that would transport them to to a King Fish Farming in the local waters.

Viewing our ship at her berth was especially breathtaking from a “fire spotting” promontory above the harbor.

And an opportunity to photograph some local wild flowers.

At the end of our tour we had the option of returning to the ship or being dropped off at the ships shuttle bus at a park along the beach, and in the center of the action.

Even though it was a Monday afternoon families were enjoying outings with their children and family pets. Friendly smiling folks just enjoying life and the bounty of this southern coast.

The park also memorialized this life size replica of a local champion race horse.

I’ll close with another beauty; my favorite cruising companion.

Next: Two days at sea on “The Great Australian Bight” sailing toward Esperance, Western Australia.

One thought on “A day in Port Lincoln, South Australia – another port – another tour.

  1. Thank you Jack. I love your commentary. You and Barbara are so young, just playing on the world’s playground. I look forward to hearing from you daily.

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