Our visit to Kangaroo Island

The above image is from the cover of our daily program issued each evening, by the ship. Inside will be all of the EXC programs, time and place as well as non-EXC events. It is our daily guide to keeping busy.

Today we are taking a ships tour to Kangaroo Island which will require boarding a tenter for the short ride to the town of Penneshaw.

When we disembarked the tender, we boarded a very modern tour bus for our four hour exploration of this rather large island off the coast of South Australia.

Kangaroo Island is surrounded by the pristine waters of the southern Pacific, and the beaches are a marvel. Here are two views from our first stop, at Pennington bay.

Our second stop was at the far southwestern modern town of Kingscote where we spent close to an hour exploring this coastal town, and I discovered this discrete tribute memorial to Graeme D. A Marshall – the plaque is inscribed with:

If you have loved and been loved,

Life holds no mystery;

It is the essence of our being

And the foundation for happiness”

Seals have been an flourishing indigent species since the first explorers arrived in the 1800’s

As have these folks, although I only saw two live ones during our safari and those were in distant fields.

This mother and Joey, welcomed folks into the local gift shop.

Our final stop was at and interestingly village, inappropriately named “American River” -No Americans and No River. Originally it was where thousands of Pelicans made their home, but they packed up and moved elsewhere when the seal hunters moved into their lagoon. Hence this monument:

Here is the lagoon:

Since we did not get any close ups of live Kangaroos, here is what one looks like lounging at the rescue center near Hobart, Tasmania

It was a cold wind that greeted us as we lined up to board the tender back to the ship. And a rocky ride surprised everyone as the winds of the bay were hitting us broadside, causing the tender to roll from side to side.

Aw, ’tis a great life being at sea with King Neptune.

Next: A day in Port Lincoln, South Australia – another port – another tour.

5 thoughts on “Our visit to Kangaroo Island

  1. Wow what a beautiful place. The beaches are amazing! I had never heard of kangaroo island before seeing your post. All these amazing hidden places in the world are fascinating. I love the inscription that you quoted. Loving and being loved are indeed some of the most important elements of living. Many people would have walked by that monument without reflection, but not my Dad! Love you, Lisa

  2. Love your stories Jack. Have you thought of putting your pictures and stories into a book (s)? Beautiful beach photos. The memorial: so true about love and life.
    Thank you for sharing.

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