Our Visit to Adelaide, AUS

What a welcome this city in South Australia provided on our arrival! We could hear the strains of this local band as we were making our 180 turn in preparation for docking, and they were just “the tip  of the Iceberg”.


When we entered the very modern cruise terminal, we were greeted  by at least a dozen hosts in blue shirts, handing out bright orange lanyards with plastic sleeves attached with  coupons for the Rundle Mall in the city center.

After a short visit to checkout the local train station “just across the street”, it became apparent that the 89 degree temperature would have to be dealt  with tomorrow as we venture our separate ways –  Barbara on a wine tour with our cruise critic group –   Jack a train ride to the city and a visit to several museums: Maritime, Avaition, and Railway. (If I don’t suffer a heat stroke)

Port of Adelaide

Last evening we watched as a giant “car transporter” vessel was gently nudged to the wharf to our stern. The was heavy speculation as to whether it was here to pick up or drop off vehicles. This morning as I looked out from deck 8, the vessel had obviously off loaded some vehicles and was gone!! `

That it for now, more next time as I report on our visit

3 thoughts on “Our Visit to Adelaide, AUS

  1. Thanks Jack. Way way cool here in the 40’s and nights are dipping into 30’s.
    Your little deer are missing you. My yard is looking very tasty to them. Love
    hearing about your travels. And pictures, more pictures.
    Your neighbor Lavon

  2. Sounds wonderful! Wow 89 degrees. I think we are in the 40’s right now as a high temp. Both tours sound fun. Glad you all are getting to sight see. This weekend will be rainy here. New Years might be cold but dry. Looking forward to seeing how you two bring in the new year!! Love you lots, Lisa

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