My Day in Adelaide

In my last post I related a story about a car carrier that came in to port in the evening and tied up just aft of our ship.

Today I want to share some photos that explain why Adelaide is such an important port for the import of new cars from Asia. On a previous tour our guide related that the automobile manufacturing in Australia no longer existed as it been moved offshore. The result is illustrated in my first two photographs:

I believe that the cars in the right hand side of this photographs, starting at the light pole, were delivered last evening.

And there is another lot on the other side of the terminal with just as many cars.

The local weather forecast called for much hotter weather then we had today and the way the clouds appeared this morning I doubted it would go over 90 degrees today. I love this photograph looking out over the harbor entrance from deck 11.

On my way out of the terminal this morning on my way to photograph the “Wine tour group”, I asked one of the hard working ladies that hosted our arrival if she minded if I took her photo – Australians are the friendliest folks.

And these are the welcome lanyards waiting for the next guests.

And lo and behold, here come the “winos” off for a “day of discovery’ Look who is leading the pack!

With a big smile on her face.

After they left, I boarded the local Metro for the 45 minute ride into the City

And yes, young families in Australia use the same “tools” to keep their children occupied on transit systems, although as we later heard – this child had a very short fuse.

As a side story, as we started nearing the city center, the train got increasingly crowded with families heading for an outing in the city. One of the young mothers sat next to me with her 8 month old baby girl starting the ride in her pram, however it became apparent it was “dinner time” and the mother did what mothers do for hungry children – the feed them. Although I wasn’t in a position to observe the operation, I couldn’t help but notice the gentleman’s eyes who was sitting in front of me in a seat that was at right angles to mine – he had a front row seat! It seems that Australian mothers aren’t that shy when breast feeding in public.

I was too tired to do much adventuring in the city so, I decided to take the train/metro back toward the port and get off at the Port of Adelaide stop, have some lunch, catch a couple of the local museums and head back to the ship.

I had a great lunch at the nearby McDonalds, paid with Apple pay, after which I asked Siri to get me directions to the Maritime museum. She did, yet it was a little too far, the temperature was in the low 80’s and I was tuckered out, so I bagged the whole idea.

Cruising is all about going “where the road takes you” and this road took me home.

Before I post this, I want to thank those who have commented on my musings – thanks so much, your comments keep me writing.

So here is one final picture that I took of an Emu in Hobart at the rescue center.

Next: A visit to Kangaroo Island

5 thoughts on “My Day in Adelaide

  1. You make it all so “real”, Jack! So utterly enjoying that picture you paint so well!

    Wishing a continued wonderful ocean journey, and a terrific New Year, to both you and beautifully-smiling Barbara, my Friend and Shipmate!

  2. Hi Jack, Your emu picture is the best ! Reading your text, slowly scrolling down and just seeing the top portion of this picture, I wondered what kind of crazy hair this guy has. Or maybe a crazy-looking wig. Or maybe a Tasmanian Devil or something. Scrolling more I discover the big brown eye of your emu. And he really does have crazy hair ! Thanks for the pic.

  3. Just looking over your adventures with my cup of coffee. I love the pictures! Was the picture of Mom on the escalator smiling at the anticipation of wine drinking or smiling at the conclusion of wine drinking? I love that the folks there are friendly. and welcoming. I like the emu’s hairstyle. It’ an emu mow-hawk. Some of my best journeys have detoured into unplanned places. Glad your enjoying yours!!!!

  4. That Emu is giving you the eye! Love your posts. I couldn’t have stood a 45 minute ride to anywhere before getting too anxious. Guess I’ll need your illustrative notes to journey now. Keep it up, Gwen

  5. I’ve been following your travel postings for several years now (from back when you posted on a different website that has since closed down). I’m not a cruiser myself, but I love reading about it and I’ve enjoyed your comments and photos. Signed, a couch potato fan.

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