On the Bass Sea – Monday – Christmas Eve

As I write this Sunday entry, I am listening to the beautiful hymns of “Vintage Gospel” so masterfully preformed by Tennessee Ernie Ford.

As I strolled the decks of our new home, great Hymns like “Others” and “Come on Down”, were my companions as I enjoyed this beautiful “sea side” setting. The Maasdam was cruising at a leisurely 11.7 knots as we sailed closer to Tasmania, and as my banner picture shows, the seas were tranquil as well.

As I stated in my closing yesterday, I am liking this ship as I discover more of her differences.

Like a beautifully appointed Crow’s Nest with its near 360 degree wrap around deck to ceiling windows,

Like the aft inside “ladders/stairways” with their viewing windows, one of which had been broken. (As an aside note, when we boarded in Sydney we encountered a lady who was frantically searching for this broken window – why so frantic we could not understand)

Like the lack of a central elevator/stairway which other HAL ships have. That took some getting used to.

Like a young skipper that has commanded her for the past five years.

Like the crew that is as dedicated to service as other crews who have served us so well in the past.

Like a deck department so dedicated to keeping her in shape that they we already refinishing the beautiful power promenade railing.

Like the friendliness of our fellow Australian travelers.

Like how blessed we are to be onboard.

Merry Christmas

Next: Christmas in Tasmania

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