Sailing, Sailing, Over the Bounding Main

Sydney 2018

Our boarding on the 21st couldn’t have gone any smoother!

Close to 10 AM we paid our bill and said Good Bye to the staff of the The Russell Hotel. With a member of the staff assisting us, we carted our four big bags down the hill to the street while staff waited with us and hailed a taxi. I was amazed when the driver was able to get the lot of us in his small taxi.

Twenty minutes and 30 Australian dollars later we were deposited right in front of the White Bay Cruise Terminal – what a difference taking a “legitimate” cab makes.

Since we were very early we did have to cool our heels till the crew had finished reading the staterooms for the onslaught of new passengers- being 5 star Mariners expedited our boarding process.

The arrival of our checked luggage put Barbara into full nesting mode, so I wisely found something to do to keep out of the way. (Somehow visions of a Tasmanian Devil comes to mind) All of our bags arrived with the exception of the “whale” with our two jugs of wine inside!! That’s a story for another time.

The Mariners welcome aboard toast, was followed by the mandatory safety drill, dinner with our new dinner mates, a beautiful sail away and we were off to bed to the gentle movements of the Maasdam as she the entered open waters of the southern Pacific Ocean.

It always saddens me upon boarding to hear something disparaging about our new home. Yesterday was no exception as we followed a couple to their stateroom the man uttered “ seems like a pretty old ship!”. I have such a love of these ‘Dam’ ships, especially the smaller class, that any remark about their age “gets me”.

Maasdam has some different characteristics from her sister ships, but to me that makes her unique, and interesting. So much though is familiar, it’s like we have come home.

As I explored the ship it became obvious that it is the ‘’Season to be Jolly” what with the giant gingerbread scenes under the Christmas Tree in the Atrium and the staff wearing some kind of seasonal headgear.

This morning there was no doubt about our being on the “Bounding Main” as old King Neptune welcomed us to his domain. It’ great to be back at sea.

Next: Melbourne – Riding the Puffing Billy

3 thoughts on “Sailing, Sailing, Over the Bounding Main

  1. I, too, like the smaller and older ships. I’ve written HAL twice about their dropping the Prinsendam from their line. Enjoying your journal, Jack and Barbara, as always.

  2. What a beautiful Christmas display! I hope you have an amazing Christmas on your “new home”. Sailing on those ships really does suit you well. I am grateful that you both get to have this adventure. Hope Mom got her nesting accomplished, What happened to the wine? Love you guys!

  3. How delightful to be back on the high seas again with you. I so look forward to another terrific “vicarious” voyage. The Christmas photo scenes are lovely and seem to have been created by happy, loving people. LK

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