Our South Pacific & Asia/Orient Holiday


Our Itinerary


Our cruise is sold in several segments and the above is the first segment on our booking.

Singapore to Singapore

This is our second segment, (the Asia/Orient part) which will conclude in Singapore, where we will disembark and fly home.

Sydney to Perth

Part of this segment is available to those cruisers who don’t want to go all the way to Singapore.

There is , however as segment that boards in Perth and concludes in Singapore

This process seems to be the way  HAL operates these days in leu of offering a 56 day “Grand Voyage”. Our experience on past “Grand Voyage” offerings is there are more “perks/pillow gifts  included.  Gifts are nice, except they have to be hauled home, we booked this cruise for the itinerary and the fun of “being at sea”.

We expect that with these segmented bookings we will get new table mates periodically, since we prefer fixed early dining.

Next: What is the new HAL program entitled “EXC In-Depth Voyages”

4 thoughts on “Our South Pacific & Asia/Orient Holiday

  1. Dear Jack and Barbara,Hope this works as a post back to you. I am so excited for your next big, grand adventure. It will be absolutely delightful to get to travel with you again – virtually. Anyway I can go, I enjoy. Thanks so much for making this possible for we land bound sea lovers.Lynn Keegan

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