Kodiak Alaska

Friday, May 4th, 2018

Contrary to the situation last year, the requirement by the United States Custom and Border Protection for “all guests to present themselves for a mandatory ‘face to passport’ inspection upon arrival’ went extremely well.

Today we will brave the Alaska spring weather and take an excursion; “Kodiak Sightseeing & Russian Tea” and discover

• An insight into Kodiak’s Russian Orthodox Church

• Bear Town market souvenir and handicraft shopping

• Russian tea and treats — borsch, tea cakes and piroshikis

But first, Barbara took the first shuttle into town to do her early morning ‘snooping’.

Our tour description is taken from the HAL EXC tour page;

“Head down Cannery Row to learn about the fishing industry in Kodiak, with an introduction to this quaint, working Alaska city.

Visit the Russian Orthodox Church where the priest or a member of the clergy will talk about the Russian church and the historic role it has played in Alaska.

At the Fisherman’s Church, the Balilaka Players, a local band, perform traditional Russian music. As you listen to their music, enjoy Russian tea and treats such as borsch, Russian tea cakes and piroshi.

Take a scenic drive past the largest Coast Guard Base in the United States and visit the Bear Town Market in the downtown area before returning to the ship. This is your chance to buy a locally made gift or postcard and view the work of Kodiak artists.”

As you might have guessed, by the images, the weather changed every few minutes! I had to chuckle at our intrepid group as they exited the seminary, expecting a sunny day, only to be pelted with ‘snain’ as our guide described it, combined with the high winds, it was exciting!

Jack W Cummings – Far East Adventures 2018

4 thoughts on “Kodiak Alaska

  1. Love it! You’re nearing home! What a great trip.!!!! I’ve had a blast! Thanks. 😉

  2. Apparently, ANY ray of sunshine in Kodiak is reason for jubilation! Looks like you made Kodiak “party” for a few hours, Jack & Barbara!!!!

  3. Dear Barbara and Jack,
    I really enjoy following in your footsteps by the regular updates of your adventures and the beautiful fotographs!
    I have been in touch with the hospital as I was fedup waiting ( 3 months now).
    Their reaction I found was like holding me on a string, so I phoned my healthinsurance for waitingtime mediation.
    Now I have to get a new indication reference (? ) from my housedoctor for the hospital in Amstelveen, and go through their “mill” of examinations again, but then I will be helped sooner.
    It is like a “never-ending story”.
    Here we have lovely warm spring weather .
    I have been with Rob and his fiancee Sanne, who came over to Holland for 10 days, to visit her parents and sister(24 year old dentist) in a village near Maastricht Province of Limburg), and had the most wanderful dinner/barbecue prepared by them both in Rob’s flat.
    Today she is flying back to Cura,cao , and Rob will emigrate in the last week of June.
    He has to leave his flat on the 16Th June and will stay with me the last 2 weeks.
    He made a good profit of €115.000, and will sellhis car for another € 10.000.
    And she already has a property of a beautiful Bungalow and an Apartmentbloc on the same grounds, with a small mortgage. And there is a good chance for Rob to get a fine job as his field is wanted by several companies.

    I shall keep you informed as soon as I know when I shall be admitted in hospital, and I shall send you a foto album when you will be home again.

    Until then: enjoy your vacation, and thanks Jack for the interesting stories!

    Love from your Dutch friend, Yvonne. XXX XXX

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