Kushiro, Japan

Saturday, April 28th, 2018

Since I stayed on board all day, I do not have much to write about – just images of our arrival and departure.

You will notice by my banner image that is was very cold – not what we havre become accustomed to!

I enjoyed watching the hardy souls on dockside as they setup for our arrival.

And their farewell celebration of our visit.

And a banner the port had made just for our visit.

A small girl gives us her best wave.

Swirling waters as we ‘thruster’ away from the pier.

So proud of our skipper as he saluted with three lasts of the ships horn …. twice. Lumps in throat and a tear of sadness and joy.

A powerful tug escorts us to the breakwater.

And performs a beautiful 180 turn away.

And drove her stern first untill he performed another 180 turn and fell away.

As I write this we are in our first of six days at sea …. in King Neptune’s North Pacific sometime boisterous territory …. hang on folks, it might be an adventure.

Jack W Cummings – Far East adventure 2018

One thought on “Kushiro, Japan

  1. Wishing you Fair Winds and Following Seas, Jack and Barbara, as you cross the unpredictable North Pacific! I so hope your journeys in the Far East over the past month or so have been enjoyable. From a vicarious perspective, it’s been an amazing voyage!

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