Yokohama, Japan – 2nd Visit

Wednesday, April 25th, 2018

New Faces – New Places …. Today we start the final leg of this fantastic Far East Adventure.

But first, the events of the day slapped us in the face like a wet mop. As we exited the ship and made a mad dash for our buses, our companion for the morning would be a cyclonic downpour!

Besides the rain, the visibility was not the best as we motored our way to “A compelling place to visit; Kamakura”, and explore the treasures of the Shinto and Buddhist religions.

Sounds great, however trying to capture images of Daibutsu, The Great Buddha, was quite difficult in the downpour. Here is what I got;

“A dramatically different view of eastern religion can be seen at the Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine, dedicated to the god of war.” It did not happen for Barbara and I, as we were too concerned with steps to climb, and trying to stay dry …. I stayed in the bus, Barbara braved the elements, but not the steps.

As the rain and wind lessened we could now enjoy some free time at the Karachi ‘Shopping’ Street.

Some images along the way

Barbara found a Kimono Shop and purchased some ‘undergarments’, I found a Tully’s Cafe for some coffee and a much needed rest room.

As our guide forecasted, “the sun will be shining in the afternoon”, as evidenced in my final images of Yokohama.

In my closing image, the body of water beyond the bridge in the distant is Tokyo Bay, where the USS Missouri was anchored, ending of the war in the Pacific.

Jack W Cummings – Far East Adventure 2018

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