Osaka, Japan – 2nd visit

Monday April 23rd, 2018

Having so many ports in a row makes for a desire to have a ‘day of rest’. Which is what we did on our second visit to this great city.

After the usual breakfast we attended “Eva the Diva’s’ Americas Test Kitchen Workshop, on making pasta.

It was our opportunity to get to know this young lady from Ottawa, Canada a little better. What an extraordinary life she has had, as she has worked for and traveled the world with Holland America. We love her zest for life and her love of teaching. Thank you Eva, you have enriched our lives with your passion.

Since our ‘home at sea’ was docked next a world class aquarium, we decided to visit this wonder of collections of creatures from around this blue planet.

Surrounded by hundreds of smartphone carrying local tourists, we navigated our way through the dark corridors of this seven story wonder. This society is so enamored by technology, I noticed a child in a stroller ‘becalmed’ by their smart device!

Of all the different species of Penguins in the Antarctic exhibit, this ‘King’ seemed the most ‘regal’. Descending to the floor below, Barbara got to see her first penguins torpedoing their way underwater.

I captured this beautiful creature for my friend Stan Myers, back in Port Angeles. Sorry Stan, but I failed to get the identity, though there was a specie name on every exhibit.

At the ‘bottom’ of the Pacific Ocean Tank, these sharks had gathered for a snooze.

We ended our day with a Captain’s gift dinner in the beautiful, reservations only, Pinnacle Grill. I will tease you with an image of my appetizer, the seafood bisque and filet minion steak were just as impressive in taste and presentation.

One last look as the crew made all ‘preparations for getting underway’. In his departure announcement the captain used a nautical term I had not heard before “We will make sternway, out to the turning basin”.

Clarifications on my Kochi post: I included a couple of photos of two deck crewmen as one of them ‘lobbed the monkey fist’ to the hands on the dock. These small-lines are attached to the larger mooring lines. (A practiced skill)

Also in the photo of Barbara with the ‘date’ poster. Thanks to my cruise friend, Nick, the 30 number represents the number of the year that the current Emperor has been in power. (See his comments at the end of the post)

Next; Shimizu with a doubtful view of Mt Fuji during our sail-in. I know I said in my previous post that that might happen in Osaka – wrong!

Jack W Cummings – Far East Adventures 2018

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