Busan (Pusan), South Korea

Friday, April 20th, 2018

Since there was a possibility that this port of call would be cancelled due to difficulties in China getting along with South Korea, as happened on the original itinerary for segment one, we just figured that if we were lucky we could do something on our own.

This morning we sailed in under sunny skies and comfortable temps. Since the ship/city provided a free shuttle to the Hotel Foret Primer Nampo downtown near the International Market, we jumped on the opportunity to explore on our own.

Our two delightful greeters spent hours ‘dancing’ to the music

Our first destination, after a potty stop, was a visit to the waterfront and the huge Fish Market. However crossing the street to get there might have been a problem util we discovered the access stairway to the Nampo Underground Shopping Center …. four floors down! This expansive underground complex also serves as a …. bomb shelter.

As in some cities we have visited on this adventure, we spent the morning dodging small vehicles, as there are no rules prohibiting where they can ‘roll’!!

Here are some images of the ‘fresh’ fish market;

Now if I could just reach the other tank, I could make my escape!

Mid-morning snack break prepared on site.

You catch it, I will cook it!

Crossing back over to the drop off location, we searched for a place to eat – selecting “Steak Jobs” for some Margarita Pizza and Beer. While I ate, I flirted with a Korean baby sitting nearby in a high chair waiting for her food, and complaining loudly when it did not arrive in a timely manner. (Funny, it seems like we have been there before)

Barbara shopped, I rested.

Food court Korean ladies style, right down the center of this narrow passageway; $3.00 per serving.

When our son, Jon, was stationed in South Korea with the US Army, he spoke of how he enjoyed ‘Chicken on a Stick’ – this picture is for you son!

Jack W Cummings – Far East Adventure 2018

3 thoughts on “Busan (Pusan), South Korea

  1. Fantastic fish market! I remember making a potty stop in a modern building near the open market. The women’s toilet was the most complicated I’ve ever seen. It was a combination toilet/bidet/ massage machine. Didn’t have a smart phone back then so I didn’t get a picture.

  2. Love this part of far-south South Korea! The huge naval base at Chinhae is just a few miles to the west of Busan….with lots of very modern South Korean naval vessels and several American Navy ships usually inport. The scenery surrounding Busan is some of the most beautiful in the world! I only wish I had remembered soon enough to let you both know….just in case you wanted to make a short excursion out of town. Maybe next visit, huh?!

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