Fukuoka, Japan – Second visit – 2018

Thursday, April 19, 2018

When we were two hours out, I captured this image from the Yahoo Weather site, it seemed so approximate to serve it up as my banner image.

Today Barbara and I will take the free shuttle into the city and try to figure out how to get to Fukuoka Castle. It looks like the weather will cooperate with moderate temps.

As I have stated before, I LOV TUGS!

Harbor tugs seem to ‘dance’ with incoming cruise ships and I present the following as proof

May I have this dance?

Okay, we are through – gonna find another ship – thanks!

This is our third visit to this beautiful city on the Japanese coast, just southeast of South Korea and our next port of call; Busan (Pusan)`

Wow, what a great day!!

Once again, our day (in port) began with a visit to immigration for the mandatory ‘face to passport’ inspection. This is standard procedure when returning to a port after visiting a different country. Oh well, it’s all part of the cruising experience.

After breakfast we boarded the free shuttle and rode it downtown.

After some discussion as to how to get to Maizurua Park and the Castle grounds, we consulted Siri, and her suggested directions would require a 38 minute WALK. We hailed a cab!

Japanese cabs are always a joyful experience …. as the passenger door opens automatically, one steps into an immaculately maintained interior, with white covers adorning the backs of the front seats. The driver is usually wearing a ‘busman’s’ cap, white gloves, and black suit. The Best!!

Our ‘trek’ took us through a beautiful park filled with a forest of 1000 Cherry Trees, devoid of flowers, as that season had passed, gardens of flowers and several pergolas awash with purple wisteria. There were also massive rock walls, remnants of the power past feudal overlords.

Here are some images to enjoy.

As we strolled along the Ohori Park Lake, we passed by this bird, seriously on guard waiting for the unfortunate fish which would become his dinner. Never wavering as joggers pounded the walkway close by.

After a yummy lunch at the lakeside Garden Cafe, complete with a doggie diner area, we successfully found the final attraction of this magnificent park; The beautifully restored Shimono-hashi Gate.

I will close this posting with one of several photographs displayed throughout the park.

Jack W Cummings – Far East Adventure 2018

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