About That Internet

Sunday April 15, 2018

I am writing this entry to accomplish two things;

1) Apologize to the crew for all my misunderstandings concerning the recent upgrade to the ships internet,

2) Continue to hold HAL Seattle responsible for the way someone in their organization unthinkingly foisted this situation on the crew and passengers.

To that end I want to clarify to my readers what has changed.

Initially all that seemed to be offered were the three price plans;

• Premium at $29.99 per day (24 hour period)

• Surf at $24.99 per day (24 hour period)

• Social at $14.99 per day (24 hour period)

Then there was a vague mention of “Voyage Packages” yet no instructions, just “let your current plan expire and the Voyage plan will be an option”, yet initially that did not happen.

And on the fourth day it was all made clear by Jerryl at the Front Office and what a surprise it was.

Voyage packages are available for up to 31 days in length and are charged according to the desired plan I.e Premium, Surf, or Social and length of your voyage. Each plan/package, whether daily or voyage, comes with an unlimited volume of data on each day!!! An users are NOT required to log off, however they do recommend logging off when not on line to “preserve fellow guest’s experience”. Goodbye to minute “sweating”!!

I am now paying $177.00 to have the unlimited internet (Surf) package data until we dock in Vancouver BC on the 9th of May. Thanks HAL.

That was the surprise!!

Surfing Jack – Far East Adventures 2018

One thought on “About That Internet

  1. Hummmmppppffffhhh! Sometimes life’s little surprised can make ya spittin’ frusterated!!!! 🤔. Glad you have internet all worked out! Have a wonderful day…I’m always happy when Sunday comes around to go & fill the cup for upcoming week! Continue in safe travel w/my love & prayers! Barbara, keep shopping! 😉

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