Amani, Japan

Friday, April 13th, 2018

Mornings in the Pacific Ocean

Today, Barbara and I will go our separate ways …. she is taking an excursion to learn all about Cycads and Silk, plus visit a local brewery …. I will take the free shuttle into Naze, which is a postwar city on Amani O Shima Island, to just hang out and see what their is to see …. hopefully I can get some great images to share.


We are scheduled to arrive around noon and leave after 8 PM.

Can’t get enough of these beautiful maritime workhorses!

On board, I have been enjoying America’s Test Kitchen cooking classes, presented by a very entertaining young Chef from Ottawa, Canada. I call her “Eva the Diva”, which does not really describe her character, as she is a very transparent and highly skilled. Yesterday was a very frustrating day for Eva as she was plagued by technical glitches …. however she ‘soldiered on’ in a very professional, yet down to earth manner.

Eva, America’s Test Kitchen Chef

Barbara enjoys Tai Chi & Meditation classes with Master Kam. She also enjoys attending lectures held by EXC Guide Jeremy as he shares his insights about our scheduled ports.

In the evenings we both enjoy being entertained at the ‘Main Stage’, originally known as the ‘Queen’s Lounge’. The shipboard ‘Singers and Dancers’ present at least 4 performances per 14 day segment, so we are in our 3rd ‘rotation’, yet still enjoyable by this professional and polished ground of young people.

I still can’t say enough about our ship and her crew, as they continue to rise above our expectations.

No Shore leave for our deck crew

In the evenings we are enjoying fine conversations with our ‘new’ table mates; Barrie and Diane from Calgary, Canada, and Monti and Anise from ?

Waiting for the shuttle bus to the downtown area

View of the Mall/Market.

Not much to see here, so I returned to the ship.

Heading for Naha, Okinawa this evening for a second visit – Barbara – shopping, Jack – Excursion to the Peace Memorial.

Jack W Cummings – Far East Adventure 2018

3 thoughts on “Amani, Japan

  1. Loving the blog — and the associated delicious vicarious thrill — during these tough times. You’re keeping me sane, Jack! Oh, the wonderful memories of Japan — and the Far East in general — you’ve brought back to me in recent weeks!

  2. The last picture of the mall looks like downtown Seattle back in the early 40s when my mother took me shopping there. All the wires and such and odd shaped buildings.

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