Osaka, Japan

Monday, April 9th 2018

Today will be another excursion day as we will motor via excursion, coach to the the city of Nara and experience life amongst the famous deer of Nara.

Remember how you felt on your last visit to Disneyland, and it seemed as though half of the population of the country decided they would also visit on that day? Today not only felt that way but every tour bus in the country was jamming the streets waiting for entrance to the park. I can’t recall the number of green lights we sat through! IT was crazy!

Well we finally made it, and here are a few images to prove it!

Barbara had brought some crackers from the Lido, and the deer were more that happy to eat them. There are around 2,000 deer in this park and are a protected species as they play a part in local folk lore and religious beliefs. So much so that they some time get a bit aggressive.

We have been on a frustrating search for the elusive Cherry Blossoms. Fortunately the further north we sail, a tree here and there is still hanging on to its flowers. I think they had an early spring.

One last image, as proof that this country is practically vandalism free, as vending machines can be seen on almost every street …. protected only by honor and respect.

Red Alert has been lifted!!! Ops normal ……

Jack W Cummings – Far East Adventure 2018

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