South China Sea

Easter Morning 2018

Our ship is currently speeding through the foggy waters of the South China Sea, with the darkness and fog being periodically punctuated by the ships whistle (horn). Some how I do not feel for those in the $$$$ suites on the upper decks.

When I posted my last missive, I feel I did not do justice (in pictures) to some of the sites we experienced. So here are some to share.

Fist of all, here is a picture of some of the art that enhances the stairway landings and elevators waiting areas

These are ancient locks

This is how one can determine if there will be an empty stall in the train station restroom.

“Nose cone” of our train.

Exterior gardens outside the station.

Where we had our lunch in old Shanghai

How Shanghai stealth bikers keep their batteries from being stolen

When we arrive in our next Chinese, we will be under the same tight internet slow down/restrictions, so I will not be posting until our next day at sea. And then the posts could be skimpy as we have SIX Japanese ports in a row.

Jack W Cummings Far East Adventure 2018

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