And Now it Begins


And Now It Begins


For my preamble to this post, I want to explain something that all sailors and civilian “travelers on the sea” share, and that is the beauty that can only be seen from the deck of a ship at sea.  This is one of many favorites of mine and was taken in February of 2009 onboard the ms Prinsendam as we sailed north through a bay near Anvers Island, Antarctica as it put the cap on two glorious days cruising in the area.



In 2007, September of, on a cruise from Seattle to San Diego, by way of the “Far East”, of the many fellow cruisers that we sailed with, one special retired US Navy Commander, and I became friends for life.


Although we could not be more geographically separated .… Nick, Florida .… me, Olympic Peninsula. We have remained in touch all these years, because we have these things in common …. Retired Navy, love of the sea, love of cruising and blogging. He uses Tumblr and I use WordPress. Although I do not have a Tumblr account, I do enjoy the simplicity and clarity of his writings and the beautify of the single, sometimes, two or three photographs that are the center point of his dally publishing’s.  His blog helps me start my day. His words inspire me.


You can view Nick’s blog here


Through the years Nick has shared countless photographs on his Tumblr. His 10 minute time lapse video is presented on this date.



I don’t read a lot of blogs, but I have noticed in some that I follow, folks sometime get too wordy describing pretty much every aspect of their experience in fine detail. In this day and age of high speed internet there is no end to the number of photos and written information on just about every subject one can imagine. That said, why should one feel he need to spend time and costly internet minutes when the purpose is to enjoy what one has paid big bucks to experience.

So all that said, here is my plan for this cruise, less narrative with fewer photographs, and the photos will always be, to use an Apple term – marked up.


 Finally I leave you with a current image of my Kurig “K” Cup countdown calandar 


Jack W Cummings Far East Sailing 2018

5 thoughts on “And Now it Begins

  1. Dear Jack and Barbara, How wonderful for you to be embarking once again. It will be so exciting to sail with you again. Currently I am in the Midwest with children and grandchildren while GK holds fort in P.A. Your words and Barbara’s photos paint such share worthy images, it will be marvelous to be with you again.

    1. Lynn, I am so glad you will be following along, I do appreciate your comments/input. Each time you comment my mind goes back to those final Hong Kong experiences that we all shared, especially that evening dinner cruise on Hong Kong harbor – remember the fierce winds?

  2. Beautiful photo.
    Tell Nick hello from me.
    I had seen the 30 day time lapse before. Ray would have loved it since that was his watch when we met and his ports of call.
    give Barbara a nd yourself a hug for me.
    Sue Wood

  3. Thank you Sue. Nick and I do email quite often and I am sure he will read your comment here. You know, we have participated in practically every Cruise Critic gathering since that crowning time on the Amsterdam in 2007. Never have we been associated with a finer group of “like minded” cruisers. Would you believe that Bruce Scudder is the CD on our upcoming adventure?
    That is an amazing time lapse video.

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