Our Asian Adventure

Once again we are heading back to sea – it will be a long one, covering may ports in Japan.


From Seattle, we will fly to Hong Kong China with a short layover in Taiwan.  After a day and night inA Hong Kong, we will board the MS Volendam, eventually disembarking in Vancouver, BC


This cruise is sold in four different segments and their itinerary’s are represented below in maps provided by Holland America.


In November-of last year, I suffered a fall from a playground staircase in my backyard as I ascended to hoist the morning colors, injuring several parts of my right arm, hand and shoulder. Because of the injury to my right hand, my ability to use the keyboard is lessened.  I still want to blog, however there will be more photos than narrative.  Please try to understand my situation.




14-DAY TAIWAN & JAPAN Departs Hong Kong March 14th


14-DAY MAJESTIC CHINA AND JAPAN  Departs Shanghai March 28

14-DAY CHINA & JAPAN Departs Yokohama April 11th



15-DAY NORTH PACIFIC CROSSING Departs Yokohama April 25th







Jack W Cummings Far East Sailing 2018

11 thoughts on “Our Asian Adventure

  1. I’m so excited to be going somewhere again!!!! This sounds like a fabulous trip, & really happy you all do so much together. I’m trying to get things sorted, packed up, & ready for the move. Hoping to have nearly done by end of April. Will go to Colorado for oldest granddaughter’s high school graduation (2wks). Will return to Houston & play the entire month before leaving the end of June. Thanks for letting me know about our trip! 😉. Love you kids!

  2. HI, Jack and Barbara. I am so jealous! We’ve had such a long, cold winter, that
    looks like just what I’d love to do. We did 2 weeks on a Hawaii cruise, but got back
    just in time for the latest cold spell and a bout of the flu. I will look forward to
    reading about your trip!

  3. What a great cruise. You had quite a fall. Take care of your shoulder. No heavy lifting, drag suitcase with other arm. Taiwan hotel had super Chinese food 50 years ago. Hakata, Japan is where the cute little boy/girl dolls are made. I’m so jealous

    Keep me on the list so I can travel with you


  4. Wow, Jack! Your photo of where you fell is worth a thousand words! I’m so grateful you managed to survive such a disaster. Once you get back to sea, I suspect you’re going to feel like a “kid” again! Of course, I’ll be following along, every step of the way!

  5. My big disappointment in this incident was that I blacked out before the “dive” and I don’t remember “sticking the “landing”,

    1. As you know, I had a somewhat similar experience a year ago. I don’t remember anything until I was trying to pick myself up off the ground. (Of course, one of the delightful after effects of such a huge fall is that we both now get Netflix direct to our brains!) 🙂

  6. Dear Jack and Barbara, what thrilling news about your upcoming Asian cruise on the lovely Volendam, one of our most favorite ships. Too bad about your fall and injuries, but sounds as if you have overcome the challenges and are forging forward. Good, good, good for you. We certainly look forward to vicariously joining you on your excursion. Bon voyage and safe travels.

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