St Anthony, Newfoundland

Monday September 4th – St Anthony Newfoundland

The Plan:


Barbara will be going ashore on a HAL excursion to L’Anse aux Meadows, Newfoundland: “The Viking Experience”, unless the port looks interesting and the weather is nice, I will probably take a later tender ashore and walk around.

The Reality:

Our day got off to a great start weather wise.  We have been so very fortunate to have three bright sunshine filled days in a row.


There were so many passengers wanting to go ashore on Barbara’s tour that they had to arrange for buses and drivers for an additional school buses.

Barbara had an early morning departure as did so many others that I waited to take a later tender.


St Anthony is another “sleepy” fishing village and today being Canada’s Labor Day holiday there wasn’t much activity when I went ashore.

As usual when passengers can find a free WiFi hot spot ashore it gets “slammed” with users. I find the WiFi on the ship to be so much more convenient, and accessible. The Grenfell Centre”, was the place today.   Their visitor center, gift shop, tea room, and museum were first class.

Since I found not much to photograph, for this post I am going to feature our tenders and hard working deck seaman who “man” the tenders.  We had four in the water today, I a must commend our skipper for giving everyone an opportunity to go ashore.

We sail at around 4 PM so it will be a very short port visit.

Enjoy….time is getting short….four days and a wake up,


Jack W Cummings VOV 2017 – Looking forward to our next Port –  St Johns, Newfoundland 

One thought on “St Anthony, Newfoundland

  1. Hi Jack and Barbara, Just found out about your blog from neighbor Marcy. Love reading about your travels. The Silverthorns

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