Nanortalik, Greenland

Saturday September 2nd – Nanortalik, Greenland


The Plan:

The is one of our shortest visits, so we will probably bundle up and take a convenient tender ashore and just stroll what ever is there to see. 


Maybe visit the church.

The Reality:


After we left Prince Christian Sound the captain took advantage of the ice free coastline to take his ship to an anchorage in a Fjord just east of where we would be anchored for tendering into the village.  Around midnight he weighed anchor and moved his ship to our permanent anchorage, just a “stones throw” from Nanortalik.

He knew that there would be another cruise ship in port for the day, and I guess the rule “first come first served” applies….in our case we had a shorter tender ride that  the Seaborne ship.

After breakfast we took the next tender and were ashore close to 9 AM

We could not have had better weather if we could have ordered it, similar to yesterday with blue sun filled skies. With temperatures in the mid to low 40’s. There was no need to bundle up.

After a fellow guest took our picture, I handed Barbara my local money and caught the next tender back to the ship.

Now I think I will go order a pizza, get a beer and kick back with a view of the village.

Enjoy the images,



Jack W Cummings VOV 2017 –  At anchor in Nanortalik Bay (I guess)

4 thoughts on “Nanortalik, Greenland

  1. It’s all so beautiful! Thanks for sharing…it’s a breath of fresh air & for just a moment, hurricane problems take a back seat! Love you both so much! Treva.

  2. We’ve sure been enjoying your blog and pictures Dad! Wow! Pretty awesome sights. Now about this “stone’s throw” comment with your ships anchorage, is it closer than 11.1 miles (Monroe to Startup), lol?

  3. You and Barbara make such a terrific team! On another note, please tell me why Port Angeles can’t get it together to create a cruise port in our beautiful town with so many accessible sights to see? Hope you keep enjoying your wonderful journey.

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