Cruising Prince Christian Sund….Again

Friday September 1st – Cruising Prince Christian Sund – Again


The Plan:


Weather permitting, our home at sea is scheduled to make the approximately 6 hour cruise through this early beautiful waterway in southern Greenland that separates the mainland from Sammisoq and other islands of the Cape Farewell Archipelago near the southern most tip of Greenland.  The name was given in honor of the Prince, later king Christian VIII of Denmark. (Text courtesy of Wikipedia under CC-BY-SA license)


The Reality:


After our departure from Isafjordur, Iceland, we sailed out into the Straits of Denmark and at exactly 00:28 on August we crossed the Arctic Circle off the coast of Iceland.

For the rest of the night and throughout the next day we continued sailing across the Straits of Denmark enroute to the eastern entrance to Prince Christian Sund/Sound.  Our estimated time of arrival was September 1st at 9 am.  Our captain “put the pedal to the metal”  in order to negate any delay that any fog we encountered might cause.  He was right on, as around 5:30 o the morning of the 1st, we encountered “milk bottle” fog!  By the time we reached the coast of Greenland, the sun was shinning.

Just after entering the Sound and we’re opposite the weather station, we were saluted by a Danish Navy  helicopter as he circled our beautiful ship, no doubt with an ice condition report for our captain.

I have nothing but praise for Captain Eric van der Wal,  who has been in command of the ms Rotterdam since the day we left the Port of Rotterdam. I love a captain who likes to make his presence know by using the ships horn to salute the ports we have visited, upon our departure.

Today as we passed the only community on the sound, he saluted them as we sailed past. Three of the villages small fishing boats greeted us as we arrived and sailed with us as we passed their community.  One boat was full of a family with kids and they’re furiously waving to us the whole time.

The first time we tried to “cruise the strait”, the east entrance was blocked by pack ice so we only made it part of the way before having to  turn around and retrace our track. Today the entrance was gloriously bathed in bright sunshine and blue skies and remained that way the entire day.  We were so blessed.


Twice during our transit the skipper ordered a 360 turn in place in order that all passengers enjoyed a special sight. Here is one, with a glacier as the focal point.

Holland America has a tradition of serving thick, steaming hot, pea soup when “scenic cruising”. Today was no different and it was yummy.

As I write this we are sitting at “anchor/hover” in a safe harbor just short of our destination tomorrow.

Here are a few images that need no titles,  enjoy,


Jack W cummings VOV 2017 – at anchor in an un-named Fjord on the Greenland Coast.

2 thoughts on “Cruising Prince Christian Sund….Again

  1. Jack — When you get home and settled, please consider watching the Navy movie “The Bedford Incident” with Richard Widmark and Sidney Poitier. A superb movie, set in the Denmark Strait, during the height of the Cold War….and what can go wrong under poor or overzealous leadership. It was used in Navy Leadership & Management classes throughout my career.

    Wishing you and your bride a smooth journey back home to “God’s Country”!

    Your Shipmate!


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