Djuplvogur, Iceland

Monday August 28th – Djupivogur


The Plan:


This tender port is a small town and municipality located on a peninsula in he Austurland in eastern Iceland, near the island of Papey and on the fjord Berufjord. When they are available, without a crowd, we will Tender ashore and stroll the town.


The Reality:


Good Morning from Djupivogur, which is pronounced with the “D” silent.  Even our cruise director has difficulty pronouncing the name.

When we left Portree a couple of days ago, the weather forecast for this area was not favorable and the captain seemed doubtful as to whether King Neptune and his staff would even permit our tenders to land.


Sometimes last evening the seas, that had been gently heaving and rolling the ship, had abated and were replaced by calm waters covered by a thick fog.  As you will see in the “welcome Image” , the fog has lifted somewhat and is “wetting down” those folks going ashore in the form of a gentle rain/mist.


With the lack of any other images to post, here is this from our daily “When & Where Program”:

Barbara, however, is determined to go ashore and do some looking around…”I wouldn’t miss this place for the world”, she just said, as she figuratively headed out the door


An interesting announcement just came over the ships speakers, that “Tender tickets are no longer needed, just head down to deck “A” and board the next available tender”. And “It doesn’t look as though the weather is going to get any better, soon.”  If the weather was dry and sunny, there would be a mass exodus to the tender platform.


New subject:  I had to chuckle this morning as I read over the narrative of my last post and the number of spelling/auto-correct mistakes I made –  please read between the lines. It’s all YOUR fault as I am so anxious to do these reports in “as close to real time” as conditions permit.  I am still amazed and pleased at the speed of the ships internet. I am also glad that I took the time before we sailed to become familiar with a new APP called BlogPad Pro which works like a middleman between me and WordPress. It is especially useful in allowing me to take a 5 MLB image and downsize it, for faster uploading to the blog. I was also able to pre-write something about every day of the cruise, and have it handy for editing, as in ”The Plan”, that prefixes every post.


As you many have also noticed, this is not meant to be a. “Travel blog” per say, but simply my personal observations of the experience, peppered with images, and not always in the order of my narrative. “Did that make any sense?”


Well I hope Barbara doesn’t get too soaked on her walkabout and makes that last tender, as we have an excursion booked for our next port….stay tuned, this could get exciting.



Jack W. Cummings VOV 2017 – In the mist and rain waiting for our departure to Akureyri.

2 thoughts on “Djuplvogur, Iceland

  1. Love your journal and feel like I am partially there. Especially liked the Isle of Skye. Keep up the good writing; it’s most enjoyable. Lynn

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