Dublin, Ireland

Wednesday August 23rd – Dublin Ireland




We have booked a City tour and a visit to Saint Patricks Cathedral  – after the tour, we plan to walk to the Guinness Brewery for a pint.


The Reality:


Two excellent highlights of the City tour were stops at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral and The Trinity College Library.


Both icons of this beautiful city are on such a scale that it is impossible to do them justice with photographs, so I have included pictures that caught my eye as items of interest.


We were docked in that area of the port that is shared by cruise ships and cargo chips, so it is not the most  attractive that we have visited.

I try to find something in each port that is unique to that city –  today it was common “litter barrel”.

Saint Patrick’s is so vast I chose to feature the exterior of one wall of The Lady Chapel.  It was constructed in 1270 and was used by the Huguenots from 1666 to 1816.  It was reconstructed in 2013. The Lady Chapel is used as an area for quiet reflection. In the courtyard is a statue honoring Sir Benjamin Lee Guinness Baronet LL D a patron of the Cathedral and Member of Parliament for the City of Dublin, and he made a pretty famous beer.

The next attraction on this tour was a visit to the Trinity College Library which along with around of 200,000 of the libraries oldest books houses The Book of Kells. Photographs were not permitted in the spaces that house “The Book of Kell” vast displays but I was able to capture an image of the library.

In the center of the library floor stands a class case protecting “The Harp”. This Harp is the oldest to survive from Ireland and probably dates from the 15th century.  IT is constructed from oak and willow with brass strings. As an emblem of early, bardie society, this is the harp which appears on Irish coins, and is an icon on every glass of Guinness Glass.

My final image was of a multi-colored polished marble statue of Oscar Wilde. It is located in one corner of the beautiful Merrion Square Park. The two gentlemen were having fun, having their pictures taken with this famous author. 


Jack W Cummings VOV 20017 – Sailing tonight for the Port of Liverpool, England

One More 

3 thoughts on “Dublin, Ireland

  1. Thank you for sharing Ireland! I’d so love to visit Ireland, Scotland, & Wales…appreciate your details & photos. God bless!

  2. I love Dublin and Guinness. Did you see the Book of Kells ??? The Harp is fantastic.
    So many shades of green in Ireland and lovely people. Did you get to see Molly Malone and rub her boob for luck ???


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