Sailing to Holland

Saturday August 19th –  Sailing to Holland on the North Sea


The Plan:

Our course to Rotterdam will take us back down the Hardangerfjord through the evening and night of August 18th into the North Sea. I imagine we will sail past some of the oil platforms that populate this area although I doubt that I will be able to see them. Our arrival in Rotterdam is scheduled for 4 AM. As I recall the Port of Rotterdam is some distance from the open waters of the North Sea. (Actually 2 hours sailing time)  I will no doubt be up and about for transit through the lock at the entrance around 5 AM.


The Reality:

As predicted by the captain, we did encounter moderate to heavy seas during our sailing south on the North Sea.  It was a lazy sea day for most of us as we were gearing up for our overnight in Rotterdam.

                    A view from the Crow’s Nest on Deck Nine


                     The view from our window on Deck One

Less that an minute after taking the above photo, our window was completely blocked by the spray from the nexst bow wave.


Earlier in the day we did past two oil rigs off our beam but they we too distant to digitize.


That’s my narrative for today, but I have included the images that will tell the tale better than I.



Jack W Cummings VOV 2017n on the North Sea sailing to Rotterdam 

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