Eidfjord, orway


Thursday August 17th – Cruising the Hardangerfjord 


The Plan:


We will probably spend a lot of time in the Lido and Crows Nest as we will be cruising the fourth longest fjord in the world and the second longest fjord in Norway. This fjord stretches 111 miles from the Atlantic oceans into the mountainous interior of Norway along the Hardangervidda plateau – arriving the next morning around 10 am in the city of Eidfjord, Norway.  Hopefully it will still be light enough during the evening hours to enjoy this beautiful passage.


The Reality:

We sailed along the Hardangerfjord  in the early morning hours arriving at our anchorage around 8:00 am.  Most folks were not even up for the cruise-in and the descriptions by our ships narrator, Barbara.  (Ships that must operate tenders hardly ever anchor in the fjords because of the depth – they use their fore and aft thrusters to “hover” in place)


Friday August 18th – Eidjford, Norway


The Plan:


Hopefully the weather will permit us to just walk the Village and enjoy the sites of the fjord and surrounding hills/mountains.


The Reality:

As you will see in the photographs, the weather turned out too be quite spectacular. We were ashore by ten o’clock and purchased two tickets to ride as small two car “train” that operated on a circuit for approximately an hour, with a couple of stops for photo shoots.  By 11:30 I was ready to return to the ship with my full bladder. No free public toilets ashore.

My bottom line for this port of call would have to be, make time to spend more that a day here and explore the countryside – it’s a backpacker/kayaker/fishermans paradise.


Enjoy the pictures.


Jack W Cummings VOV 2017 – Eidfjord, Norway – setting sail for Rotterdam, NL

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