Red eye to Boston

Friday July 31 to Saturday August 1st – The Delta Red Eye to Boston


After an all night flight from Seattle hopefully we are rested enough to enjoy the City View Trolley tour after checking in to the Best Western Sam Adams Hotel in Quincy. Hopefully the bags that we dropped off in Seattle with “VIP Luggage Tags are headed to our shipboard stateroom.

At least that is what we planned…..


The Reality:

Our Rocket driver,Steve picked us up at our front door just a few minutes after the promised time of 2:15 PM As with most rides with Rocket the drive  to the airport is not always direct, so wandered hither an yon until all his flock had been gathered,, then it was off to the dreaded hood canal crossing and the terriable traffic on i5 – two surprises hood canal bridge was open.. not closed cause some time when the bridge is open it is closed…figure that out you non-native North Olympians!!


The unforseen choke point (to us passengers) on the way was in Bremerton, but our dauntless driver knew all the alterrnate routes. And we arrived the Door to the Delta Kingdom with hours to spare. As we approached the multiple checkin cointers, we suspected something was amis

 – no lines and three agents were almost falling over each other to get to check us in – the process was swift and painless as this beautiful smiling agent quickly ushered us through the process., thereby I am awarding her with the title image goddess.

Next we aproached the security checkin with the usual fear and trepedation, however I would have sailed right through if I had remembered to remove my belt!!

Bottomline – time to dropoff through security could not have been more than 45 minutes.

The only glitch for the Delta Red Eye to Boston was that maintenance had to ground stop the flight until they had rrebooted the planes electronics system to bring the. ENTERTAINMENT system on line –  took about 45 minutes.

And remember my concern at the beginning of this post about the VIP Bags being handled correctly? That went as smoothly as the rest of the day.  Our bags arrived in great order and were turned over to the VIP pick up agent – Jerry. We can now look forward to our bags being in our stateroom once we arrive.`

As an aside, I want share the following:

Travel can be a two edge sword, both thrilling and frustrating, expecially when having to deal folks who work in the iundustry and those they serve. I recently read a column that appears in our monthly newsletter written by the director of our Senior Center – D, bellamamente. In her column she recommended to her readers that when confronted with a frustrating life situation, to ask themselves “What is the kindest choice?”.  This set me to thinking about all the folks I will encounter during the next 40 or so days, expecially those with whom we will sharing the confines of a mediujm size cruise ship. So to remind me i have tagged my daily calendar with those wise words “What is the kindest choice” –  Thanks D.

Jack W Cummings, Voyage of the Vikings 2017



2 thoughts on “Red eye to Boston

  1. I always thought that both you and Barbara made and thought “the kindest response.” So glad to be with you on this trip.

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