Boston by Trolly

Tuesday August 1st – Boston by City View Trolley

The Plan:

We purchased advanced tickets for this Trolley back in June with the option for use at any time before October 7th.  This is our first foray into the Groupon era, with a substantial savings.

The plan is to drop by the hotel, pre register and sign up for the next day shuttle to the ship, and then catch the trolley.


The Reality:

“Ladies and Gentlemen, we are on our final approache to Boston’s Logan Internationan Airport, please….” and so our day began at ten thousand over the state of Massacuheties, city of Boston. It had been a relatively short flight and as usual we slept fitfully.  

Curiously though, shortly after reaching our cruising altitude the cabin lights were dimmed and …. Dinner was served! Have you ever tried to juggle a delicious catered meal, using clear plastic knives and forks, at thirty thousand feet, in the dark? (Beforfe i composed this offering this evening, Barbara had to lay me on the bed face down and scrup small grains of rice from my backside that I had managed to grind into my Levis hrough the night). I guess what I ate was ok….most of it.

After our arrival, we made sure our three checked bags were in the hands of Jerry from VIP bags, and notified our hotel that we were ready for the shuttle pickup. Tim, our driver, (I’ll call him Peck) took us on his wild ride through the city streets and tunnels and deposited us at our $235 a night vintage hotel in Quincy.  By this time we were so numb from travel, who cares…  Though the desk clerk, who had arranged our pickup, couldn’t check us in at that early hour, she did offer the hotel’s hospitality of a full breakfast in the dining room.

After a very good breakfast we started planning how to get into Boston to do “Boston by City View Trolley” We have an Uber account which would have cost $17 one way, and alternative was to thak the MT (Metro) subway for a lot less. Since the subay line could be seen from our hotel, we asumed that a station was surely nearby, and the desk clerk, Victoria, confirmed that the station was jusgt a few blocks down the street. So with our carry-on bags, stored we set off – WOW – the “”just down the street” turned out to be eight tenths of a mile, in 70 + degrees and a cleaf sky. I was barely hanging on and Barbara was fading fast when we assended to the ticket kiosks. I young security agent noticed our plight andf walked us through the ticket purchasing process….  another angel cleared our path.

Finally emerging from the South Street Station in the heart of downtown Boston, Groupon cupon in hand we set out for 296 state Stree to redeem the coupon  for tickets.We asked several folks who were about as much help as siri, wo was telling us where it was but that was anothe hal mile away.  Finally we asked a gentlemen who worked for the “T” (Metro)… Oh well, he said “You can catch the trolley on the street in front of SOUTH STREET STATION, under the McDonalds sign. To shorten this story, because I am just about to fall asleep (with Barbara gently snoozing on the bed), we rode the trolly for one circuit, saw all the important sites in downton, had. a Lobster roll at Mcdonalds (inside South Street Station) and caught the “T”  to just  eight tenths of a mile from our hotel, ordered up a Uber driver with our Uber app and let Pierre take us home for $6.25 plus tip.

And that was our day in Boston.

Jack W Cummings VOV 2017 – Boston MA

Our hosts, Steve and Wendy


Our Hotel Views
City Center Mall
Metro Station


D9ECF03A-8376-4014-B878-5CC0BBA16B98 (Edited)

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