Two for the Road



Posted from Port Angeles, WA – July 31st





Two for the Road is the title of one of my favorite musical pieces, that came out of the movie of the same name and as I was listening to the music this morning and reading the lyrics (Apple Music includes lyrics) it came to me how very appropriate they are for the journey we will embark on this date… quoting now:

If you’re feeling fancy free, 

Come wander through the world with me, 

And any place we chance to be will be a rendezvous.

Two for the road, 

 We’ll travel through the years, 

Collecting precious memories, 

Selecting souvenirs, 

And living life the way we please.

In the summertime the sun will shine,

In the winter we’ll drink summer wine,

Any day that you are mine,

Will be a lovely day.

As long as love still wears a smile,

I know that we’ll be two for the road,

And that’s a loong long while.

Our journey started out in 1964 and we were  then “Two for the Road”

As we rasied our family, there have been challenges to the relationship but for the most part,

 we have lived much of these lyrics for over 52 years and we have traveeled around the world.

The title image was taken at the Parthanon in Athens Greec in 1966.

The road has not always been “wine and roses” but we are still together. 

So the adventure continues…



Jack W Cummings Voyage of the Vikings 2017 

4 thoughts on “Two for the Road

  1. We are there with you. Our two for the road has lasted 62 years and we are adding our views of the world with you. Travel far and wide. Thanks for sharing. Gwen and Lee

  2. Wishing my dear friends “Fair Winds and Following Seas” on your journey!

    (One retired-Navigator’s note: Tropical Storm Emily is right over us here in Central Florida as I write this the night of July 31st, Monday. The storm will exit Florida on Tuesday morning and head out into the very warm waters of the Gulf Stream… the storm a chance to strengthen rapidly into a hurricane or strong tropical storm. She will then head mostly northeastward, staying well-out-to-sea and away from the USA….toward the northern reaches of the North Atlantic. She will probably be gone by the time you get there….but just keep her in mind. Her long-wave ocean swells could persist up that way for a good week or ten days from now, catching you on your starboard side and producing a bit of a “roll.” This is one sneaky storm!)

    Winter Park, FL

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