Trying a Different Approach

On previous cruises I have packed along a cumbersome laptop running Windows OS. For this cruise I am going to try to manage my communications with just an iPad, iPhone and a wireless keyboard … so here are a few pictures of my faorite Waterfrontt walk…

2 thoughts on “Trying a Different Approach

  1. Jack,

    I think you’ve made a very wise decision in the electronics you plan to bring aboard your upcoming Voyage of the Vikings.

    Just a suggestion: If you try to use just those devices for all communications and interneting — as if aboard ship — one day a week between now and the cruise, you’ll have it mastered before you encounter the joys of HAL WiFi.

    And focus on savoring and enjoying every minute of your journey….and not being a full-time techie trouble-shooter!

    1. Thank you Nick – I am going to try and not use the HAL WiFi this time – not to the extent that I have in the past – I will use my iPhone as a hot spot when local wifi is available and he verizon international plan of $5 per day when used. According to sources, this has worked in the past on this voyage. Thanks for your words of encouragement – hope you are feeling better.

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