American Spirit Port Angeles Arrival

This afternoon I witnessed an outstanding example of seamanship as the American Spirit (riverboat) docked at our city pier without the assistance of dockside line handlers. What made this more interesting is the presence of 20-30 knots winds pounding the starboard quarter. If you look closer at the bow, a deck seaman has just heaved the first line and one of the crew is moving forward on the dock to retrieve the line and secure it to a bollard on the pier.

The following picture and description are from the riverboat’s website:


Puget Sound and San Juan Islands Cruise

Travel to where the Cascade and Olympic Mountains meet the sea, forming the stunning Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands archipelago. Cruise the clear blue waters to picturesque historic seaside towns such as La Conner where you can partake in a traditional smoked salmon tasting. As you journey through the San Juan Islands you will witness abundant wildlife including whales, eagles, and seals. Enjoy the scenic beauty of the region on our customized shore excursions to Butchart Gardens with its flower-adorned archways and Olympic National Park where you’ll witness breathtaking vistas. Learn about the cultural influences of both the Norwegians and the Suquamish tribe from the American Cruise Line onboard historians and local expert guides.  On your private balcony, you can sip fine wines from local vineyards, while keeping an eye out for Spirit  the Orca whale we adopted last year.

This is a test publish since I might have to be moving my blog back to WordPress, since TravelPod is closing as of June 17, 2017

I am resending this post for purposes of testing – please ignore JWC

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