Cummings Family Adventures is Moving

I want to let all the followers of our blog on WordPress that I moving to a new blog site called TravelPod at

Although WordPress is a wonderful server, I feel the TravelPod is much more oriented to the traveler, and since the only time I use the blog is when we are traveling it makes more sense to take advantage of what they have to offer.

Although TravelPod receives financial support through advertising, I don’t feel it is overly obtrusive. Following are some of the attributes that I like:

  • Interactive maps that follow your personal itinerary.
  • Highlighted links to geographical locations.
  • Speedy uploading of photos
  • Automatically interweaves photos within the narrative
  • Different options for notification  (see list under “about author”)
  • At the bottom of each entry there are links to  attractions, blogs, and photos associated with each individual blog entry

Please explore all the new site has to offer and I think you will see the reason for the change.

Thanks for joining Barbara and I on our newest adventure — Jack

One thought on “Cummings Family Adventures is Moving

  1. I like that there are maps to plot your “journey” and pictures of what you’ll be seeing!! Good Choice.

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