Why Blog?

I started writing about our cruising adventures back in September of 2007 mainly for the purpose of keeping an historical account of our cruise and to provide friends and family who were interested a means to follow us on this ground breaking adventure.

We had signed up for a 64 day cruise from Seattle to San Diego onboard the ms Amsterdam that would travel to countries along the Pacific Rim, and if you are interested, can be read about that cruise by going back to my earliest published report on the 2nd of December 2007.

When I started writing my “reports”, it was in word document format and emailed to subscribers.  I had no clue as to what a blog was, nor did I care.  After returning home, I did some more research and discovered that I could add these reports to blogspot.com and make them available on the WWW.  Finding blogspot.com somewhat limited and very basic, I discovered that I could move all my entries over to WordPress.com with very little effort and have chosen to remain there ever since.

Which brings me to the question posed in the title – Why Blog? Why take the time out of your vacation (cruising), pay the exorbitant internet connection fees to  publish the activities for the day – or two?  I could wait until I got home to publish, but I felt it would leave my readers with less of a feeling of “you are there” than publishing it in a more timely manner. Another reason to share, we can print an easy to read accounts of our adventure and place the pages amongst the pictures in our cruise albums.  Additionally, it provides those family members who follow an accounting of “where we spent our children’s inheritance!” Open-mouthed smile

The blogging world has undergone such a transformation in these few short years, giving simple folk like myself an opportunity to share their life like never before in history.  Internet companies like WordPress are so generous in allowing their servers to store and disseminate stories in real time. The blogs that I am currently following is listed on the right hand column on my home page.

Next time:  ms Rotterdam, Our next Seaside Villa.

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