What about Cruise Critic?

Name BadgeIn past cruises I have been very active in organizing and leading Cruise Critic groups, and I have discussed them in previous posts.  Each cruise critic group that we have been involved with has taken on a persona that is different from every other.   Dealing with strong “alpha” personalities can sometimes push folks away, yet there are those who have the ability to cohese a group in such a way, that the group becomes almost like an  extension of your family.  The graphic is a copy of the Cruise Critic badges that were provided for each member of our group on our sailing to “The Top of The World” by one of our members; “Rev Neil”.

On recent cruises we have seen a transformation in these group leaders  from social to mini-travel agents using the “Meet and Greet” gatherings as a means to put together their own private shore excursions. This has not gone un-noticed by ships staff who are responsible for providing private meeting space, refreshments and speakers – at no charge.  They feel that this activity is starting to be in direct competition with the ship’s own shore excursion department.  Hopefully we are not seeing the demise of the “Golden Goose”.

Because we are joining the ship on its 51st day of a 90 day  multi-segment cruise, we will be virtual strangers to the mass of over 80 people, who are a part of this Cruise Critic group.  Barbara is more familiar with this group because she has had her eye on this adventure for over a year and has read over 90 pages of postings, printing out copies of the ones that have nuggets of information.  I’m in, and will enjoy remaining in the back seat this time.

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