39 Day India, Arabia, Moorish Empire

Anyone who knows me, must know I hate to fly, however when we can leave from Seattle and return there, I am a much happier traveler.  I think the TSA and Customes folks at SeaTac are a finer grade of public servants.

That said, we will be leaving Seattle on United Airlines  flying  to Tokyo  which  lasts 10 hours and 30 minutes with a short layover at the Norita Airport then on  to Singapore  for 7 hours and 40 minutes.  After two nights in Singapore at the Fairmont Hotel, on March 1st we will board Holland America’s ms Rotterdam for a 39 day cruise to the following city/countries:

· Georgetown Penang, Malaysia – New Port/Country

· Phuket, Thailand – New Port/Country

· Colombo, Sir Lanka – New Port/Country

· Mumbai, India (Overnight) – New Port/New Country – very expensive Visa required.

· Muscat, Oman (Overnight) New Port/New Country

· Salalah, Oman – New Port/New Country

· Aqaba (for Petra) Jordan, – New Port/New Country

· Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt – New Port/New Country

· Daylight transit of the Suez Canal

· Piraeus (Athens), Greece – visited last year on the ms Prinsendam – lived in Greece 1966-1969

· Messina, Italy – New Port

· Naples, Italy – New Port

· Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy  – Visited in 2011 onboard ms Noordam and drove through in 1968

· Alicante, Spain (We were stationed just south of here in the early 70’s)

· Almeria, Spain – Visited Almeria in 2011 on ms Noordam –anxious to walk the beautiful downtown area as we just drove through it on our way to Grenada.

· Tangier, Morocco – New Port/Country

· Cadiz, Spain – Overnighted last year on the Prinsendam – love walking the city

· Lisbon, Portugal – New Port for Barbara – we loved our lengthy  visit to Portugal when we were stationed in Spain in the 70’s

· Southampton, England – New Port – although we were told we would not be able to go ashore as it is a service port only.

· Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

· We will also have 16 glorious days at sea

After disembarking in Rotterdam, we will spend two nights in the heart of Amsterdam in the Renaissance Hotel.

We will fly home non-stop via Delta Air Lines flight 233.  This makes me happy since we will be coming back through customs in Seattle. (Much preferred over the East coast  entry points)

The cruise is billed as the “39 Day India, Arabia, Moorish Empire” on the Holland America web site, if you care to have a look

A couple of points: during  the flights and on the cruise will circumnavigate the globe, and when we sail into the Eastern Mediterranean we will have sailed the Seven Seas and all the oceans of the world. Sadly there is one stretch of water between Ft Lauderdale, Fl and Galveston, Tx that we have yet to sail.

If any  of our readers have traveled/visited the NEW ports listed above and you have recommendations we would love to hear from you.

Our portion of the cruise is the “shirttail” of the three month cruise entitled “Passage to the Far East” and has been a very popular thread for the past two years on Cruise Critic.com The folks that embarked in Rotterdam on the 9th of January are already blogging and I will provide those links in my next posting.

4 thoughts on “39 Day India, Arabia, Moorish Empire

  1. Here I am in my “armchair” anxiously awaiting your next adventure. BTW, if you see any swizzle sticks along the way, would you stick one in your pocket for me please? 🙂 Have a fantastic voyage. Connie Palmer

    1. Thanks Connie, I will certainly keep an eye out. BTW I have convinced Barbara that the day we visit Civitavecchia we will explore the port and waterfront instead of spending the day in Rome. Maybe even have another Pizza there. I am still kicking myself for not purchasing a basket of those yummy strawberries we saw in the market.

  2. Thank you Jack : I recieved your e-mail and Barbara sent me this one.
    I now officially joined your followers.
    It seems great to travel with you.
    I visited Penang in 1974 on the old Prinsendam,and travelled by car around
    most of Sri Lanka in 1972 with a KLM collegue.
    We met in Greece in 1968, and of course Gé and I went on a touristboat
    through the harbour of Rotterdam years ago. Rob and I look forward to see you both in Amsterdam !

    Love, Yvonne

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