2-13-2009 Orcas Feeding – Antarctica

The following is an excerpt from my blog on this date aback in February of 2009

“Around mid-afternoon we set a southeasterly course for the Neumeyer Channel, and another round of wildlife, iceberg and glacier observations. Wow does not do justice to what we experienced next as we cruised these waters and those of the Gerlache Strait. I will just have to let the pictures that I have included be the words for me. Just when we thought this perfect day was over, the report came from the bridge; “A pod of feeding Killer Whales has been spotted dead ahead”!!! As they passed beneath the ship, our good captain started reversing his course. No sooner were we headed back toward the Pod, than THEY reversed their course, eventually passing from port to starboard UNDER the bow of the ship, right below where I was standing shooting video – magnificent. When I played the video for Barbara on my computer she felt certain that one of the Orcas had something in its mouth as it passed out of sight.”

It was  such an awesome sight and I didn’t have a good enough computer to put the video together until now.   It is my first attempt with Window’s Live Movie Maker so I hope the subject will balance out my shortcomings using this program.

The narration is from the bridge by Adventure and Expedition Leader, John Splettsloesser and the waters we were cruising through was Dallmann bay.

I hope you will be as thrilled as I was when I filmed this once-in-a-lifetime event.

Next, possibly more pictures of our experience in cruising the Antarctic Sound.

Well, I can’t seem to add a link here to the video, so you will have to go to my SkyDrive account to view it there Baring teeth smile sorry.

3 thoughts on “2-13-2009 Orcas Feeding – Antarctica

  1. Jack — What an incredible videao and amazing experience with the Orcas. And the Antarctic surroundings were absolutely surreal!

    I am attempting to attach a link directly to your video on SkyDrive here: https://skydrive.live.com/?cid=eb1ef3fb2b0e0434&Bsrc=Photomail&Bpub=SDX.Photos&resid=EB1EF3FB2B0E0434!1504&id=EB1EF3FB2B0E0434%211504&sff=1#cid=EB1EF3FB2B0E0434&id=EB1EF3FB2B0E0434%211558

    If the above link doesn’t work by clicking on it, one can copy/paste the entire lengthy URL into their browser.

    Thanks for making this for all to see!


  2. How thrilling to experience so many whales so close—that was amazing video–thanks for sharing.

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