Castle of Mey, Scrabster, Scotland

In July of 2010 Barbara and I visited this beautiful location on the North Coast of Scotland, and although the day was overcast and a bit dreary, the beauty of the countryside punched through and warmed our hearts.  Now that I have the where-with-all to share the photographic beauty of one special place I would like to re-introduce you to our view of Castle of Mey.  Here is what I wrote then:

“Our first stop was at the Queen Mother’s castle; Castle of Mey.  The castle has an extensive history or being handed down or bought and sold, and had fallen into disrepair until it caught the eye of the Queen Mother.  Today members of the Royal Family still stay there when “on holiday”.  The general public may tour the grounds, gardens and Castle when not in residence.  We were told that when the royal family comes to visit, it takes a day and a half to restore it to a residence and three days to return it to a tourist attraction.  Enjoy the pictures of this beautiful place.  I especially loved the Queens Garden”.  Not only was it bursting with flowers and their aroma, it was also a subsistence garden supplying the Queens Kitchen”.

Come along now as I share with you that beautiful place.

Where will we visit next? Stay Tuned Smile with tongue out

2 thoughts on “Castle of Mey, Scrabster, Scotland

  1. What an unexpected pleasure to get to view another trip. The garden is spectacular—and I thought I had a lot of flowers. Have never been to the Isles so this was a lovely intro. THanks Jack. Connie

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