Istanbul–2nd and 3rd day

Welcome to a new format I am trying out.  I have added captions and comments with most of the picture so I don’t have to repeat myself here.  I would like feedback on what you think of this new format.

IF you wish to download my photographs, please give me credit as the photographer.  There are two ways you can handle the photos; just view them individually, or as a slideshow, or download them.  IF you view them individually, it will give you time to read the captions, and the comments in the side panel.

During day two and three I was a bit under the weather so I stayed onboard while Barbara went shopping and sightseeing.  I think she enjoyed herself, not having an anchor to slow her up.  She did get to visit a couple of sights that in my condition, I would have not made it through  the day – it required a lot of walking and waiting in line.

One of Barbara’s purchases in the Grand Market was gifts for our family.  The metal the gift was made up of triggered the metal detector in the terminal building as she came through Turkish Security.  She and our table mate, Robyn, were immediately escorted to the ship and the packages were turned over to ship’s security to be returned on our day of departure.  I won’t divulge what was  in the package, as it contained gifts for our family.

In the pictures you will see a lot of water traffic, from huge cargo ships to large passenger ferries to the smallest one man fishing boat.  Occasionally we would hear  several blasts from cargo ships as they bore down on the forty or so fishing boats that seamed to feel that the best fishing was in the middle of the shipping lane.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.


5 thoughts on “Istanbul–2nd and 3rd day

  1. Hi Jack,
    Great photos. I am so jea;ous of your trip to the Black Sea. It’s one we have wanted to do. Maybe someday……that sunset will hold us for a while. Regards to Barbara.
    Ray and Sue

  2. You should have quite a “collection” of pilot boat pictures after all of your travels!! I really like this format—so enjoy seeing all of your pictures!!!
    Connie P.

  3. Very nice photos, Jack. I never dreamed that the Black Sea was so busy. How would I know, anyway. In school it just looked like a little blue area on the big maps. Are you in Istanbul today, the 25th? I thought you were going to be home on the 26th. Guess I was wrong. Enjoy the rest of your cruise. See you when you get back.
    Love, June Anderson

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